Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sorry, Heels - Distances EP (2014)

Sorry, Heels
Distances EP 
Sorry, Heels

Last year we received and reviewed the debut EP of Sorry, Heels “Wasted”; and we met to a band which displays this fresh combination of Post Punk, Shoegaze, 90’s Alternative Rock, and this time we can add to the mix some Dream Pop textures. Their music is very pleasant to the ear; they bring us a very relaxing and tasteful experience here. Sorry, Heels is developing a very interesting music style, and this band has a well-defined identity: Just check the artwork and the music; this is really classy stuff. Here we can perceive passion for creating music, and honesty. Sorry, Heels is a band with undeniable talent; they have their own style, awesome songs, and they are more than ready to create a great debut album. And I really hope to see it in the near future.

Were The Heart Is” comes with an ethereal Dream Pop sound, and this atmosphere is seductive. This dream like mood is followed by strong guitar tones and passion. It is like fire and water; there’s a total duality here. “The Lapse” is so catchy it has great melody, this track is very into the 90’s alternative sound, and the voice has a great performance here; it fits really well to those transitions. “A Song From Below” is simply sublime and entrancing at the beginning. This song is brilliantly constructed; the changes and transitions in the pace of this song are executed with majesty. I’m talking here about this transition from a dream-like soundscape to this stronger guitar-driven sound; this is awesome. Great work here! “Secretly Done” is warm and tasteful; this song has some kind of psychedelic feel, and this is quite possible: Remember the fact that this band has mentioned to The Velvet Underground as one of their influences. “Longing For Distance” is dramatic and has strong feeling; and once more you can perceive this dark-psychedelic sensation. This song has a very intelligent use of transitions; is very interesting.

Sorry, Heels has created two very interesting EPs; and the next step for this band should be a full-length album. They have talent, a well-defined music style, and they are doing great music. This is a very promising new act in the Post Punk scene of The New Millennium.

Daniel Olvera