Saturday, August 9, 2014

Las Novias - Invicto (2014)

Las Novias

Las Novias is a very experienced band coming out from Spain; they have combined some well- stablished dark music styles, and straight-forward Rocking sound with majesty and craft. Is like if they have put all of that music in a melting pot, and the result is a unique kind of alloy. And this is their greatest strength. They are talented songwriters, skilled musicians, their music comes with intelligent lyrics; the arrangements and the production in this album are flawless… A total package here.

Invicto” is such a rocking-loud tune, there’s some hard-rocking influence (The Cult came to my mind immediately) this track is catchy to the max; is such a really good opener. “El Leon Enjaulado” is guitar oriented Gothic Rock, they displayed a very refined guitar work here; this is very 90’s with the unique flavor of Gothic Rock with lyrics and voice in Spanish language. “Hypnos” takes the path of the finest dark-melodic musicianship, and it has a smooth execution. The rhythm section is so accurate, the guitar work is really classy, and the voice is powerful. “La Boveda Hundida De Las Retinas” has a highly sophisticated arrangement. It goes from immersive down-tempo passages to incendiary Guitar- oriented Gothic Rock; this one has amazing transitions. “Yugular” is faster and wild with abrasive guitars and powerful rhythm; it’s a huge wall-buster. “Radio Control” has some interesting lyrics; this track really is a hard-hitting tune but at the same time it’s so melodic and catchy. “Postales Envenenadas” is a perfect mixture of Alternative Rock, Gothic and Post Punk, and even they have used some shynts here, this track flows with contagious rhythm from the beginning to the end. “Calendas De Un Fugaz Invierno” is another interesting mixture of Straight-forward Rock and Post Punk Chords. “Venial” and “Clarobscuro” are fine examples of how good they are in making this alloy of Rock and Dark Wave. “Atlas De un Corazon Exceptico” comes with a nostalgic mood and it has lots of feeling, it’s so finely constructed using many different sonic textures. “Bokeh” is very sophisticated Dark Wave music with Gothic Rock chords; they did a very remarkable work here. “De Un Sorbo Amargo” is a beautiful passionate song; very nostalgic with a reflexive mood. “Cielo De Medio Punto” is a sublime combination of Rock and Dark Wave Chords; and it’s very touching.

Definitely this band called Las Novias have created their finest work to date; and I have to say that the previous works are pretty interesting. I want to invite to the non-Spanish listeners to give it a try to this album, you will find some awesome music here: Top quality production, tasty sound with great execution, and a very interesting musical offer: This is a hybrid style resulting of the combination of Rock, Post Punk, Dark Wave, and Traditional Gothic Rock. Pretty interesting band and their sound is unique in the scene of today.

Daniel Olvera