Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hand Of Dust - Hand Of Dust | Single (2014)

Hand Of Dust
Hand Of Dust | Single
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Hand Of Dust is an exciting band from Copenhagen, they are doing some awesome Raw Post Punk with some Folk traces. Their sound is in the vein of Great classic bands like: The Inca babies, Sunglasses, After Dark, the Gun Club, and The Dancing Did. I really love those bands, so I get instantly hooked with the music of Hand Of Dust. This band was founded two years ago and they have released a demo-tape, a 7” Ep, and now they have this 7” single, released by Avant! Records. And I really want to listen to their previous stuff, because I’m fascinated with the two songs featured in this EP.

Walk In White “is a wonderful Raw Post Punk song, the music reveals mixed feelings: Melancholic nostalgia and some furious intensity ; real Cowboy stuff with untamed spirit here! “A sight For The Living” has razor-sharp guitars and overwhelming passion, an electrifying raw Punkish sound with some blues basis: 4x4 rhythm to the max here; this track is mid-tempo, but incendiary. I want to listen more songs by Hand Of Dust, it’s an amazing band!

As I said before: Don’t miss this one if you love the music of The Gun Club, Inca Babies, Sunglasses After Dark, Birthday Party, and The Dancing Did. It’s really awesome to find stuff like this in the underground scene of The New Millennium. Definitely I will track to their previous releases. This 7“ single is gold.

Daniel Olvera