Saturday, July 26, 2014

Double Eyelid - Seven Years (2014)

Double Eyelid 
Seven Years

The New Millennium has come with a fascinating landscape of dark sounds; and you can listen how some visionary artists have managed to create some really unique hybrid forms of dark music. That’s the case of the Canadian project Double Eyelid. They have defined their music style as: Dark, theatrical electro-rock. And If you take a look to their Facebook page; you can see that they mention to bands like: Roxy Music, Bowie, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Sex Gang Children, amongst their influences. After reading to this description and their influences everything fits: they don't stay in a single spot in terms of a musical style, and this gives extra points to Double Eyelid because definitely they are a different band; a unique entity in the underground scene of today, and they have their own charm and their own aesthetics. Let’s do a back-track to their influences: You have the ravishing elegance of Roxy music, the permanent innovation of David Bowie, the seminal Post punk of Joy Division, and old-skull Goth at its best with Bauhaus and Sex Gang Children. As I said before they have this special talent and vision to blend all of this influences, and they have made a very interesting album. And I really like it because this one is really unpredictable. Double Eyelid is in fact, a very interesting revelation….

The opening song is “Black Box” it’s really atmospheric and it has some kind of Noir-Cinema mood; and the vocal performance is dramatic, and it fits really well in the atmosphere of the song. This song has suspense and sensuality; great track here. “Diamond Cutter” has the same captivating mood of the previous song, and the combination of shynths and guitars has a magnificent execution; this track is mid-tempo but really powerful. ”She’s Falling” is another mesmerizing tune with the unique dark thriller-film atmosphere created by Double Eyelid. “John” is a combination of Bowie sound with Dark Cabaret, and they have made a perfectly well-crafted song; and I have to say: Hats off! “Dead Is Better” it’s some ravishing Post Punk-Alternative hybrid: The drum machine has this rhythmic sound like if someone is snapping fingers, and it has those heavy- grinding guitar sounds and the fantastic melodic chorus, it’s terrific! “The Hanging Woman” is a fine example of how they have made this mixture of Dark-Cabaret, Alternative sound, and Post Punk with majesty. “The Quick and the Damned” Rocks really loud, this song is Rock n Roll mixed with Alternative heavy sound and Post Punk… And it’s really wild stuff: Rock on! “Dirty Weather” is totally cinematic, with a delicious combination of music styles. “The Stranger” is such a surprise: It’s the classic song by Daucus Karota; and it was done with a totally different approach, because this is totally 220 Volt Electro-sound. I remember that they have done a cover version of “Spiritual Cramp” too, and it was another unique cover version to a song by Rozz Williams. “He Fell” Is the final track, and it’s kind of an eerie outro.

What a unique album and what a good surprise is this band called Double Eyelid, they are innovative and they have unique vision. The combination of music styles is stunning; they have done something really awesome. “Seven Years” is an album worth to have it; check this out!

Daniel Olvera