Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Devil & The Universe - What Time is Love? EP (2014)

The Devil & The Universe
What Time is Love?
aufnahme + wiedergabe

The Goats are back and this time they have a new EP with stunning rhythms and dark beats for the dance floor of the damned. This project is evolving; they are developing new ideas, and bringing new sounds with every release…What time is love?” Is an excellent opener, this track is electricity to the max with fluent and strong danceable bit, it’s something like old-school EBM-Industrial at its best; and it’s a very tasty and powerful song. Next track is the remix of “NOD” This one was made by label-mates Black Egg; and this song is spiced with even more synths, drum-machine power and industrialized beats. I really like the original track, and this remix is a good and improved new version. “Womb Of The Night” is a huge discharge of adrenaline for your system, this will make you move and it has great dark sound. “Elisa Fields” is the return to their characteristic and ritualistic sound with the creation of eerie atmospheres; and it is another highly cinematic track.

I really get caught by this new stuff of The Devil & The Universe; they came with some very pleasant musical surprises here: Their sound can be very exciting in the danceable tracks, and it can be dark, bleak, and experimental in the atmospheric-instrumental tunes; and I really like that. Don’t miss this one!

Daniel Olvera