Thursday, July 24, 2014

Phase Fatale - Skycraper - EP (2014)

Phase Fatale

I really like the true dark-electronic sound, I like Minimal Wave and The New Millennium have revealed some awesome bands in this music style. Phase Fatale is a new project of Hayden Payne (from the cold wave band Dream Affair). And actually he’s doing something really interesting here, because Phase Fatale is a combination of Minimal Wave, Industrialized beats and sound, retro-futuristic landscapes, and powerful highly-danceable rhythms totally appropriated for the dark-dance floor. Because of its unique mixture of electronic music styles; Phase Fatale is a relevant sound, this project has their own charm.

Skyscraper” will make you think about a great city and its nightlife, this track is totally appropriate for electronic dance clubs. Minimal shynths and noisy-mechanical industrial beats here; this is an excellent opening track and a perfect introduction to the musical vision of Phase Fatale. “Waveguide” continues with the dance-club mood, this song features Minimal Wave chords, and powerful mechanical rhythms. “Untitled” is a stunning combination of Electronic-Dark Post Punk sound mixed with minimalistic shynts, and Industrial-metalized noise: This song has some experimental feel, but is pretty catchy stuff. “Vacuum” is atmospheric and cinematic, a total trip into blackness.

If you really like Minimal Wave Music; definitely you have to check to Phase Fatale, they have an innovative vision, and this amazing combination of Dark-Electronic music styles. Definitely you need more than analog shynts and drum machines to make Minimal Wave music, you need a special talent, and vision; and Hayden Payne has both. This is a four song EP and I’m hooked, definitely I’m looking forward for the future releases of Phase Fatale.   

Daniel Olvera