Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus - After The End (2013)

The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus
After The End

Pure ecstasy and musical excellence delivered by The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus. This is actually an anthology which includes the following releases: “The Gift of Tears” (1987), “Mirror” (1991), “A Rumor Of Angels” (1994): This one is kind of an unreleased work, it includes most of the tracks from their last release “Paradis”; and two bonus tracks: “Suspended Upon A Cross” and “After The End”. The European record label of the 90’s, Apocalyptic Vision (Requiem In White, L.A.M., Clair Obscure) re-released ”The Gift Of Tears & La LIturgie Pour Le Fin Du temps” in 1994. Twenty years later we have this enormous compilation on Infrastition Records, it is a three CD anthology.

After The End” will catch you, it will take on your senses because this is an entrancing experience. It is mystical, solemn, spiritual, evocative, exotic, and inspiring. Their musical work is done with great inspiration and a majestic musicianship; and this is powerful in its own unique way. Today I have discovered to this awesome ensemble of gifted artists, they have the ability to move into different fields of the musical creation; and every record is truly an experience. This is a combination of Neo Classical-Ethereal, experimental and electronic music, atmospheric passages, Dark Wave, and Neo Folk. As a referral I can talk about the ones like: Corvux Corax, Ataraxia, Dead Can Dance, Death In June, Current 93, Sol Invictus, In The Nursey….But remember that Revolutionary Army has been doing this kind of music SINCE THE MID 80’S.

The Gift Of Tears” has a dominant Ethereal-Neo Classic sound; it has stunning orchestrations and sober arrangements, and is powerfully immersive and mystical. In “Mirror” they combine this evocative music with new elements in their sound; they are going more experimental and they did this in an awesome way. “A Rumor Of Angels” has stunning moments with electronic music and atmospheric arias. As I said before; every Cd in this anthology is high quality stuff and unique. A must have for people who like of bands like the ones that I have mentioned above and this will be a delight for people who want to expand their musical horizon, this is simply stunning. The great thing about The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus; is the fact that they have broken the barrier of time, their music is timeless and it sounds interesting and innovative. It was a great experience in their moment, and it is a great and innovative experience today…..state of being in force.

This release has received extensive coverage by the specialized media on the internet, because it is really big.
They are currently working, doing a new album, and I’m looking forward to the new stuff by The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus.

Daniel Olvera