Saturday, April 5, 2014

Geometric Vision – Dream (2013)

Geometric Vision

This first album by the Italian band Geometric Vision is a total blast. Their Coldwave is catchy and classy, and it has enough originality to give them a genuine style, and avoid the “another revival band” label.

Starting with an intense orchestration of Baudelaire’s “Chant d’Automne” in its original language gives the album solemnity from the beginning, and kind of justifies the band: OK, they make danceable tracks, but we’re talking serious stuff here. The approach of the poem somehow reminds of Ruth White and her “Flowers of Evil” album, experimental with a lot of distortion, this time actually enjoyable, in a dark way of course. With “Solitude of the Trees”, they offer what could be a 2013 version of The Cure’s classic “A Forest”: same foggy atmosphere, synths blankets over hypnotic bass lines, similar guitar sound. Lovely. “Never stop the dance” has a mind-blowing synth hook, on a very danceable beat. Vocals have a lot of effect, which makes impossible the understanding of the lyrics but adds to the Coldwave dramatic atmosphere. “We have no time” is a perfect new wave track in the vein of Asylum Party with Cure-ish arrangements and bells. And the dream goes on with more frozen songs: “Two Rums” explores the minimal wave with brio, “Stranger”, probably the most tortured and most electric track of the album, and also one of the best. “I’m in Space” seems to be the long awaited answer from Major Tom to Ground Control, in a very danceable electro track. Finally “dream” comes to an end with the title track, and makes clear that Geometric Vision has a lot to say. Although the styles in the album are eclectic, it is very well thought and produced and works perfectly as a whole.

After listening to the album, you’ll be glad to know that the band is currently working on a new full-length record, and that Swiss Dark Nights will release soon a live cd. So stay tuned for more!

Guillaume Renard.