Monday, April 14, 2014

Ikon ‎- The Echoes Of Silence (2013) Remastered

The Echoes Of Silence
Nile Records
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Fans of Ikon rejoice!

Because this is a remastered and expanded re-issue of the first release from this legendary band. Originally it appeared in 1994 as a 7” vinyl, sometime later it was released on CD; all of this was previous to be signed by the European label Apollyon, their long-time record label. Last year (almost 20 years later); Chris found the original master reels and began to work in the digital enhancement of this recording. The second Cd of this re-issue includes some tracks from the personal tape collection of Chris; and this is a pretty interesting extra. If this is not enough, there are some exclusive USB content with even more stuff, including previously unreleased tracks, demo versions, and some alternate mixes; this is pretty cool. We have 30 tracks in total for this special re-release. This is the kind of stuff that usually we look for when are searching for bootlegs. The great thing here is the fact that every track here has been mixed, and treated with professional quality, and this is really awesome. For example: in the second CD you can find some cover-version of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby”, the original demo recording of “Truth” , different versions of “So Far Away”, some “electronic demo" version of “Suicide”; and lots of great stuff. The USB exclusive tracks have ten songs, including unreleased stuff, demo versions, and some different mixes of songs like: “Echoes Of Silence” and “Dreaming”

This is a wonderful release, a definitive celebration for more than 20 years of great music delivered by this legendary band. The fans of Ikon will be really happy with this wonderful anthology of the early times of this band, and this is a must-have for everyone who loves Gothic Rock. Don’t miss it.

Daniel Olvera

* The USB comes in the collectors edition box, limited to 50 copies and it was sold out in pre-order.