Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wanda Wulz – :Colorermetico: (2013)

Wanda Wulz 

Wanda Wulz was an Italian photographer, famous for her work “Io + gatto” (Me + cat) and her use of “technical means to evoke the seamless conflation of identities that occur so effortlessly in the world of dreams” (1). It makes perfect sense that Ludovico Padovan and Filippo Spadoni have chosen the name of this artist for their project. :Colorermetico: is their first album, released by Swiss Dark Nights. It is an extremely atmospheric work, full of delicate arrangements: here waves of synths, there what sounds like an Indian zither, and always sober vocals, as if they were reciting mantras. The tempo is kept low throughout the album, and it feels like a journey into a world of dreams, full of spirituality, almost mystical (“Colorermetico”,“Ignota”). Some tracks are full of happy nostalgia, like the precious “La Giostra” with its sweet synths melody. This song brings to mind childhood vacations, the smell of cut-grass, hot summer evenings and starry skies. Other songs, such as “L’Equilibrista” bring more gravity to the album, and seem to deal with more painful melancholia. “Miraggio” ends the trip softly and finishes to soothe the pain. This album is highly recommended to lovers of dark ambient, waking dreams and full moons. It gives the listener a real experience, and it’s better to live it up for yourself, so I’ll end this review, but not before saying thanks to Wanda Wulz for offering us such a beautiful album.
Guillaume Renard