Thursday, November 21, 2013

Aeon Sable – Aequinoctium EP (2013)

Aeon Sable 

From their first work, “Per Aspera Ad Astra”, Aeon Sable has set high standards. Their last release, “Aequinoctium” is no exception. It sounds very good, the production work is excellent. This time, the band has chosen to keep the same direction, but digs deeper in their hard rock and psychedelic influences, as shows the fantastic title track “…Aequinoctium” with its Arabic mysterious guitars. It is impossible not to think of Sisters of Mercy, Nephilim and other classics, influences are still clear and accepted. “Tenfifteen” is a dancefloor hit with its clear drum sound, catchy hooks and new wavish synths. But the main force of “Aequinoctium” is beyond a doubt the long epic tracks coming in the second part of the disc. Aeon Sable knows how to take their time to settle an atmosphere, with very down tempo songs. “Secret Flowers” offers passion and drama, and roaring heavy guitars at the end: it is an instant classic. This is a beautiful song, my favorite of this release by far. “Long Road” is like a ballad filled with nostalgia and rock guitars, scented with the Aeon Sable touch. The album concludes with another epic track: “Drawing Circles Square”and its desperate ending: vocals are filled with emotion.

This EP gives a more organic feeling than their previous works, and it makes it emotionally deeper. If you have liked the band’s previous works, you will love this one. With Aeon Sable things get better and better.

Guillaume Renard