Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Sordid Poppy – The Holy Sides [1991-1992] (2008)

A Sordid Poppy
The Holy Sides [1991-1992]

A Sordid Poppy is the kind of obscure band that fans would like to keep secret. So the best thing we can do is speak about it, and you can feel lucky and keep the secret too! This French Cold-Wave band was active in the beginning of the 90’s, its discography according to Discogs consists of a self-released cassette in 1991, and an EP released by Factotum Records in 1995. Thanks to Coldwave specialist label Brouillard Définitif, the 1991 cassette, “Dehiscence”, is available on CD, together with “The Red Cloud Sessions” and a bonus track. The compilation was released in 2008 and is called “The Holy Sides [1991-1992]”.

A Sordid Poppy takes its name from Siouxsie and the Banshees’ and Babel 17’s songs, so it gives an idea of their influences and sound: sharp guitars and deep driven basslines sound from the first post-punk years, synths and monoton vocals from the French Coldwave golden years. They are not from the first wave of Cold so it is fair to say that they have been influenced by earlier bands such as Asylum Party and other cult bands. What about this compilation then? I recommend it for any Coldwave fan, it is a real pleasure to (re)discover such an obscure and desperate music. Songs like “The Old Face”, “Walking across” or the blood-chilling “From Asylum with Love” are songs of despair and madness, poetic and cold, grey and blurred. Time to get back to the early 90’s and share the Sordid Poppy secret.

Guillaume Renard