Saturday, July 12, 2014

Terminal Gods - Machine Beat Messiah EP (2013)

Terminal Gods
Machine Beat Messiah EP

Terminal Gods are back, and they came with another dose of this high-voltage mixture of Gothic & Post Punk, spiced with Alternative Rock sound. This band is making awesome music and they have this unique and refreshing sound; their song writing- song structures are really distinctive. This band has spontaneity and a captivating balance between highly energetic beats; stunning guitar work, and contagious melodies. Let’s make it simple. ¡This band totally rocks!

Machine Beat Blues” is 4x4 rhythm, raw power, the guitars are on fire, and the rhythm section is crushing. This is an incendiary track with stunning heavy pace, and is a great opening moment for this release, but…It only lasts 1:30. After this intro we have this powerful Gothic-Post Punk guitar sound, and the faster and striking rhythm of “Persona”; this one is a real shot of adrenaline. “Resurrection man” has a tasty melodic approach, spiced with acoustic sound. This song has great melody, passion and feeling. “Snakebite Smile” has this cinematic western-like atmosphere at the beginning; and the sound here is a great mix of Gothic and Alternative Rock. Is another perfect mix of density (provided by the stunning rhythm section), melody, and guitar power. “The Wheels Of Love” flows like electricity through the wire; and the melody provided by the guitars brought to my mind that song by the Buzzcoks: “Ever Fall In love” (but played at light speed)… At the end they have made some well- balanced Gothic Rock here. “King Hell” is perfectly – paced, and a tasty melodic song. This EP is so good; I really want to listen more songs by them, so I have to press “Play” again. Pretty damn-good EP by Terminal gods; don’t miss this one !

Daniel Olvera