Friday, July 4, 2014

The Illusion Fades - The Essential Collection 1993 - 2014 (2014)

The Illusion Fades
The Essential Collection 1993 - 2014 

The Illusion Fades is a very experienced band coming out from The Mediterranean Cathedral of Gothic Rock: Greece. This band has a very interesting career and this compilation album is kind of a special celebration. The Illusion Fades have more than 20 years of story and they have done great Gothic Rock music through the years; the band started in 1990, and their first release was a self-titled LP back in 1993. They have released five full-length albums, and three EPs and singles. This band has been working very hard in the underground scene through the years, and I’m glad to see that The Illusion Fades is still active up to this day. The rendition of Gothic Rock made by these musicians is unique, loyal to the tradition, and proud. Have to say that the tracks featured in this “Essential Collection 1993-2014” have been remastered and re- worked; the result is an homogeneous sound and these tracks are pretty strong. They have combined their experience with renewed strength.

We Are The same” is an excellent opener, it features the collaboration of Candia McKormack (Incubus Succubus) and Mike York (Kalt) It’s a top quality track, this one is perfectly balanced and is like a one-song big collaborative project a-la The Eden House. “13th Day” is a powerful song: It features those high-voltage guitars, and dark-melodic Gothic Rock harmonies; this one is classy. “Fear Of Love” is that classic 90’s Gothic Rock with dramatic sound, piano chords, dominant guitars, and deep voice…nuff said! “Highway 666” is more Rock oriented, mid-tempo and it combines electric riffs, strings, and melodic chorus. “The Christmas Song” has powerful Gothic Rock sound of the 90’s; is a total brain buster. The combination of guitars and keyboards is brilliant here. “Close Your Eyes” is kind of a very tasty Gothic Ballad: It has a mixture of dramatic feel and introspection, the mixture of male and female voice is very distinctive of the 90’s sound too. “Dead White Snow” is the perfect balance between guitar oriented Gothic Rock and elegant 90’s Dark Wave, it sounds great. The same description applies to the next track: “Full Of Fire” the arrangement here is impeccable, this is overwhelming Gothic rock with a slight Metal touch (I’m talking here about the incendiary guitars and the double bass-drum) this song is executed with majesty. And … “Here My Voice” rises the level of intensity to the max with crushing guitars, double bass drums (again) , mixed with keyboards and the most classic 90’s Goth Rock sound; this one is hallucinating. “Light My Fire” (NOT the song by The Doors!) is a really dark-passionate tune. “From Dusk To Dawn” has a slow pace and it’s highly atmospheric and sober. ”Dark Rain” is melodic and highly energetic; it has some touch of acoustic sound; delicious track! “Valentine” is full of dynamic sound, fluent guitars and great rhythm; fine stuff! “Give My Life To You” is the final track, this song and the previous one have some 80’s Gothic Rock vibe; both songs are finely executed.

Awesome release by The Illusion Fades: 

This is an excellent opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the great music of this band. This collection has a great track selection; is a total gem for those who love traditional Gothic Rock. Thanks to the internet you can have access to great bands from the worldwide underground scene; and The Illusion Fades is really worth to check it out. Only 100 copies of this release were made, don’t be slow and get yours! 

Daniel Olvera