Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ChameleonsVox ‎– M + D = 1(8) EP (2013)


M + D = 1(8) (2103)
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The band formerly known as The Chameleons UK (one of the most influential Post Punk bands from the 80’s) reappeared I the music scene in 2009; under the name of ChameleonsVox. Since then, they were touring and they released the delicious “Acoustic Sessions” album in 2010. ChameleonsVox have a very loyal fan base, and they will be very happy with this four-song EP. “M + D = 1(8)” includes new-unreleased songs, and it is a limited edition EP, a collector’s item for the fans…

Sycophants” is very catchy, well assembled, and contagious. This is organic sound at its 100% : The drumming is so accurate, the bass lines are so fluent, and the guitar work comes with the majesty hidden under the guise of spontaneity . “Heaven” has this huge and vibrant vitality, the melody is simply captivating; total delight here! “Feel The Need” is kind of a “space travelling” track, it’s so captivating and relaxing, it’s like a Psychedelic trance-inducing experience. And talking about Psychedelic trips… here’s a very special cover version of The Beatles’ classic tune: “Across The Universe” I must admit that this one of the songs that I really like from The Beatles, and the rendition made by ChameleonsVox of this song is so endearing and beautiful; with this warm acoustic sound, is really touching and it has lots of feeling.

The great thing is that CameleonsVox is working in a new full length album; this new album is entitled “Eden And The End Of Our Days” and it will see the light later this year. In the meantime you have this very interesting collector’s item. This is really fine stuff.

Daniel Olvera