Thursday, November 14, 2013

After Dusk - End Of Our Days (2013)

After Dusk
End Of Our Days
Gothic Music Records
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The Gothic Rock scene from Greece is a considerable force, because of the real devotion towards the true Gothic Rock around there. There are very talented bands, and there’s some interesting activity with local and foreign Gothic Rock acts. And talking about devotion; this is exactly the word which can define to the music of After Dusk: Devotion for Gothic Rock; they have in their hearts and souls the essence of traditional Gothic Rock from the 80’s and 90’s. The musical style of the band is perfectly defined and they have built a distinctive sound; they have their own personality. The band was founded around 2004 in Athens, they released a demo; and sometime later they made this album which remained unreleased for years. In 2013 Gothic Music Records released this long -time hidden gem. Definitely we are in front of experienced and skilled musicians, the execution is highly refined: It’s a mixture of sheer elegance and dominant guitar sound. The voice has a unique tone, and the rhythm section is really strong and dynamic. For the initiated, After Dusk is a very respectable band in the purest tradition of Gothic Rock. For the beginners, to listen to “End Of Our Days” is a perfect way to introduce them to the sound of true Gothic Rock. This album has no waste, every track is finely crafted; and it’s a very well-produced album. I’m sure that they are proud of this album. Congratulations to After Dusk!

After Dusk is about long black coats, hats, guitars, guitars, and more guitars! Their execution is really brilliant, and their rendition of Gothic Rock is loyal to the tradition of the classic bands…They are carrying the torch with pride and great music!

Daniel Olvera

Back in 2004 two hardcore goth rockers, John “Preacherman_DF” and John “Cecrops”, decided to form a band. After joining forces with Akis L , a talented singer and composer, After Dusk was officially born. Deeply influenced by legendary bands of the scene such as The Sisters of Mercy and Fields of the Nephilim, as well as underground acts of the German and Scandinavian goth rock scene, they entered the studio determined to make a goth rock  album of unique power and atmosphere. Their music style combines the best elements of the genre, while their personal touch gives an epic feeling to the songs. Although the album is almost 10 years old, its sound and feeling are timeless. Actually this record is the answer to the prayers of any old school goth rock fan. It contains 13 tracks of traditional goth rock, in which deep haunting vocals, powerful guitar riffs and blasting drum machines create the perfect mood for dance-floor madness. In their lyrics the listener can find references to the lost cities of H.P. Lovecraft, the archetype of the vampire, apocalyptic prophecies and legends of ancient deities. Special mention should be made to the brilliant cover version of Paul Roland’s “Nosferatu”.  

With this release, Gothic Music Records reveals After Dusk’s hidden treasure and sheds their dark light to the world. Special tip: although not included on the album, do yourselves a favor and check out the band’s fantastic cover version of Fields of the Nephilim’s classic “Endemoniada”, which will probably be featured on a future release.

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