Thursday, May 22, 2014

Let's Peter Out - Various Artists (2014)

Let's Peter Out
Various Artists

Let’s Peter Out Records has released this excellent compilation, and this is a definitive chronicle of the finest and darkest Post punk music of The New Millennium. This compilation has been curated by Henrik Leander and he has a great taste in music… real dark music. This is a fascinating Post Punk experience and it has elegance, seduction, mystery, and even a razor-sharp touch of raw energy. Henrik Leander is an experienced DJ; he has worked at clubs, festivals, and he’s part of the staff at Death Rock Radio. And also he’s in charge of Peter Out records. “Let’s Peter Out” is about Obscure Post Punk, Dark Punk, and Post Punk-Gothic Music, as well as those eerie and fascinating sounds of the underground scene of today … Henrik Leander has made it simple and he calls it Peter Out Wave; and this brilliant record is a perfect definition of what Peter Out Wave is all about. The lineup and the track selection here are high-quality stuff; every track has been produced with top quality. And you can find some bands whose albums has been reviewed here in This Is Gothic Rock (The Harrow, Veil Of light, The Flatfield, Monument ) This is a total must-have.

First track is “Straylight”; an electric shock provided by the awesome Metro Cult. Next is Veil Of Light with their most well-known track: “Mirrors To Walls” this song is so captivating. “Station Rivenich pt 1” is a brilliant song performed by Monument, is good to listen something new from them; because I really like their EP “Teeth And Tails” Hemgraven comes with Dark Punk sound; their song “Döden i drömmen” is really exciting. “Neon Eye” by Moth is a great song; this is blackened Post Punk and 80’s dark Wave at its finest. “Berlin” by Low Sea is bewitching; it has this ghostly female voice, and this powerful and surrounding atmosphere. It´s like The Cranes coming out from the other side of the mirror. It’s time for obscure electronics and the Synth-Punk provided by Komplications; this song has untamed spirit and great intensity! “Miller’s Love” by XTR is a perfect mix of 80,s Post Punk and Gothic music….this is fine black velvet! And what can I say about Saly Dige and this exquisite song called “Forget Me”?? just listen to this song and you will be hopelessly seduced; what a brilliant track! The Harrow comes with this early Cure pace and guitar sound, the female voice gives a different taste to this atmospheric and catchy tune. Cemetery is the total opposite to the previous track with their vicious and powerful Dark Punk; this track has pounding rhythm section and wild guitars, it is really exciting. By the other hand, Cosmetics brings this dark and seductive Minimal Wave sound; this track is simply delicious and it has ravishing sensuality. And last, but not last here’s this revelation band from Finland: The Flatfield they are doing some great Post Punk-Gothic music, they have released their first production called “Passionless” (read the review here).

Let’s Peter Out” is an awesome compilation and is available in glorious white vinyl; and you will be fascinated with this album, because this is about the wonderful bands of the underground-Post Punk scene of today. You can support and follow to Henrik Laender at Mixcloud , Death Rock Radio, and the facebook page of Peter Out Records. He’s doing a great work in the underground scene, and you will discover some great bands through his podcasts and record label. Don’t miss “Let’s Peter out”; is a total gem. 

Daniel Olvera