Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gitane Demone - The Reflecting Shadow (2013)

Gitane Demone
The Reflecting Shadow

Who doesn't know her? She has a really gifted voice, a stunning on-stage presence and a very impressive career. Gitane Demone is a one of a kind artist; she has a total free spirit when it comes to create music, she always come with some surprises and different sounds in every record , is like some constant change of skin and re-invention with every work that she has been doing. This adventurous spirit can be seen since her days with Christian Death. When she decided to go from Christian Death and did a solo career, many of us were surprised because of the musical direction that she followed; but at the same time she managed to seduce to both of her old and new listeners. Gitane has a very loyal fan base in the underground scene, and the new generations has embraced her. In my opinion she pioneered the Dark Cabaret scene, her contribution to this musical style is undeniable; and this is just one of her contributions to the underground scene of today.

“The Star” is trance-inducing and ethereal, is like a sensual spell. This track is a good introduction to the sonic world portrayed in “The Reflecting Shadow”.”Don’t look For Comfort” is quite unique with this Blues and Soul vocal style, mixed with a sumptuous orchestration which make you think about some ancient march; pretty captivating combination here. “Hospital Bed” is gloomy with lots of suspense, and is like a short horror story; this song has a very theatrical vibe. “The Creep” has this vintage Jazz melody that is so catchy combined with industrial-like rhythm, this is so different! You will want to snap your fingers following the rhythm of this contagious song. If the Noire Cinema could live again in the New Millennium, this song definitely has to be part of the soundtrack of one of those films. “Crush”: The name says it all. This is quite a seductive song, she sings with passion and the vocal performance is really fine, displaying different degrees of intensity. “Undressed For Love” is full of sensuality; it displays some drum & bass sound which is a constant loop, and it reaches a peak through the movements of the voice which takes the lead over the additional orchestration. She is simply mesmerizing here, and her voice will capture your senses. The seduction goes in crescendo with “Dream Child”, this song is so powerful and the percussions sounds like huge heartbeats, this is a hallucinating experience. “There Is A Man” could be described as a consummate Dark Cabaret track; she is a pioneer of this musical style and she did this with majesty. Last track is “L’Etoile”; this is a perfect outro for this record, is contemplative and leads to a relaxing meditation.

When I knew about this new release of Gitane Demone; I get very curious about it, and this is a work of stunning quality. She is a great artist and she can break the barriers of musical styles. Her creative spirit knows no restrictions, and Gitane has created something fascinating and unique here.  

Daniel Olvera