Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rhombus - Here Be Dragons (2013)

Here Be Dragons
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Rhombus has one of the most refreshing, energetic, and distinctive sound in the Gothic Rock scene from the New Millennium. I get hooked with their music since the first time, when I listened to that awesome single called “Anywhere”. I like so much this organic sound which is so rich and colorful, their music is so radiant with wonderful energy. This is straight forward Gothic Rock which is guitar-oriented with male and female voices, contagious melodies, and stunning harmonies. Their sound is away from doom and gloominess; this is about positive energy and wonderful music, offering kind of a brighter side in Gothic Rock. Their music has lots of quality; and when you listen to this band, you can appreciate the fact that they really enjoy and love to create and play music. The Gothic Rock Scene in The UK has a really good moment these days, and Rhombus is definitely a remarkable band, a definitive highlight.

After the brief intro (“T’intro”), Rhombus came with colorful sound and electricity with “Fallout” this track has leading female voice, great melody and brilliant dynamism with swirling transitions and awesome guitar work. “Staying Under” is simply Rhombus executing the traditional Gothic Rock with majesty; the entire band shines here and is quite a solid musical machinery. “Here Be Dragons” has the same excellent Gothic Rock flavor, and is enriched with some Celtic harmonies in which the electric violin is very appropriate; very inspiring track! “Turn Around” has 80’s spirit, passion and impressive vocal performance with high tones which just can reach the clouds. “What You Wanted” is mid-tempo with a well constructed orchestration, and it has great harmony. Compared to the previous track “The One Thing” is a vertiginous song, is a good mixture of energy and melodic chorus. Is very catchy and is such a fine track.”Lifeline” is a climactic moment combining power and melody, Rhombus is really great doing this kind of transitions in songs like this. The moment for introspection comes with “Tomorrow’s Yesterday”: The first stage is contemplative serenity and nostalgia, after this they reach a climatic point with dramatic strength, and finally this slight outbreak of finest Gothic Rock. This is about lots of movement and stunning transformations in just one song. “Timeless & Elegant” is radiant energy and charming melody, if you like Rhombus you will love this song for sure. Potential single here, remember that this was the first advance of “Here Be Dragons”. Final track is “Made To Last” which is very emotive and melodic.

Rhombus has created a great album; they are doing brilliant music with a unique style, this one is for the delight of true Gothic Rock devotees. Awesome band!

Daniel Olvera