Saturday, September 14, 2013

Der Noir - A Dead Summer (2012)

Der Noir
A Dead Summer
RBL Music
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Der Noir is a very interesting trio from Roma, Italy. Their music is dark and elegant, their sound is like black velvet; it just captures to your senses and is a very enjoyable experience: It has these complex and melodic bass lines, smooth guitar sound, and the voice fits quite well in this mix. It is very remarkable the work in the programming and synths; because they come with the atmosphere and deepness, resulting in some very immersive songs. This is a very good debut album, they have their own personality and the music here is finely crafted, and I can describe it with one word: Delicious. They are doing a mixture of 80’s Dark Wave, some of the finest Post Punk, and Cold Wave. We have here to three really talented musicians doing some of the most elegant, and passionate Cold Wave music in this New Millennium. Der Noir is another highlight in the wonderful underground scene of Italy, which has a great tradition of awesome artists since the 80’s, and this tradition continues up to this day with bands like this.

“Private Ceremony” starts with just voices and low-deep shynt chords, then the drum machine and the bass just breaks all of that initial suspense and then the guitar, and the voice, joins to the mix in a very fluent way creating a very involving sound. The initial sound in “Done” is pure atmosphere and is kinda eerie, and they combined this with stunning melodic vocals. “Lontano dalle rive” comes with dark Post Punk chords which are like obscure waves; the music here has great cadence and sobriety.”Stranger’s eye” begins with dynamic bass lines and it has a faster rhythm which is quite danceable, they displayed here some high quality Post Punk- Cold Wave.”Oblivion” is very touching; it comes with lots of emotion and nostalgia, and cuts really deep with that melancholic feeling. “Another day” is emotive and deep too, but they have here a very contemplative mood. It is a beautiful song. “Cosa vedo” is an introspective trance, and you will feel like if you are spinning in the center of the vortex created by the sound of this song.”Dead summer” is such a good instrumental Cold Wave piece, is relaxing and kind to the ear. “Clouds of 86” will make you sing because it has great melody and lots of emotion, it’s really contagious and is a great option to finish this record.

They are talented musicians and they did a great work in the song writing here, the recording and the mix are flawless; this is a remarkable Cold Wave album. Spotlight on Der Noir: If you like this kind of music, this one has to be in your personal collection. 

Daniel Olvera