Saturday, August 24, 2013

BA 13 - Rough Girl (2013)

BA 13
Rough Girl 

Here’s BA 13 from France, with their debut album on Manic Depression Records. And they are a very, very exciting band. Their sound oscillates between Post Punk, Dark Punk, and even it has some Death Rock background. They have spontaneity, frenetic rhythms, lots of energy and a charm of their own. The music of BA 13 will make you think in the moment in which the first generation of Punk spawned Dark Music. Definitely their sound is an awesome back to the roots experience, and I like it so much. They made me think in seminal bands of the dark Post Punk and original Gothic scene; it is like Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons meets The Expelled. This band started back in 2008, and “Rough Girl” is the name of their first album.

The straight forward assault of Punk electricity begins with “Father Vater”. This one has pretty good riffs without unnecessary complications; quite good use of keyboards, a very dynamic rhythm section, and the unique female voice. This sounds really good! “Wark” is quite exciting Punk energy. “Believe” has incendiary riffs and theremin effects; it’s a good mix between New Wave and Punk. “Control” is stunning Dark Punk. And the same description applies to “Zomba 13”, a song which has good rhythm and great transitions. “Rely“ is quite frenetic, really exciting track here. ”Rough Girl” is Post Punk with attitude and intensity. The bass lines in “Coquettishnem” will make you think in original Death Rock, and the guitar work is really good: This is a pretty well-crafted Post Punk track. “No Friend” is fine dark Post Punk sound, well constructed and pretty catchy. “Seedy Sphere” is another example of this great combination of New Wave and Punk that BA 13 can create. The dark Post Punk sound in ”I Can’t See The Gig”, will make you believe that you are listening to some lost band from the early 80’s; this song is really cool. “Destruye” is incendiary Punk music, is such a great conclusion for this stunning album!

If you like Old School Gothic and Dark Punk; just don’t miss this one: Is a pretty exciting dose of Punk adrenaline, is very spontaneous and straight forward, with frenetic energy and darkness. This is one of the best records of 2013, in this music style.

Daniel Olvera