Friday, August 16, 2013

Kinit Her - The Poet & The Blue Flower (2013)

Kinit Her
The Poet And The Blue Flower
Avant! Records (2013)
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Since the moment when you look at the art cover of this album; you will have the feel of being in front of a work of art which is very deep and introspective. This is like a travel to the inner self, and definitely the approach of Kinit Her to the Neo Folk style could be described as experimental, and refreshing. This is the ninth album by Kinit Her, and this a fine and interesting work coming out from experienced artists which are working here with stunning orchestrations, and experimental vocal arrangements. Have to mention that this album is inspired by the poetry of Rudolph Panwitz. It made me remember to that German band from the 90’s called Endraum, because they go very deep into the development of a concept; by doing this sophisticated sonic architecture which is very rich and stunning, with this poetic background in their lyrics .

“Feast Of Death” will take you to the past through its elaborated orchestration and vocal ensemble. Some moments later it is like a fusion of Orient and Occident, because the vocal work will make you think in some mantras.”Reconcile” has this claustrophobic melody with female voices, and the male voice has these unique guttural sounds. “Silence my song I” is like an ancient chant of devotion. It captivates your senses, and it will take you to another places and times. “Feast of death II” has the same effect of the previous track, and has an elaborated orchestration. “Old as day and night together” is quite sober and induces to meditation and a state of contemplation, it is pretty fascinating. “A dome surrounds” is a wonderful song; is really touching and beautiful in its own unique way. “Silence my song” is a interesting piece that evokes the spirit of the modernism from the early 20th century.

Kinit Her has a pretty unique way to create such captivating music in the style of Post Industrial-Neo Folk. If you love art and music, you will find a great album here. This is an experience worth to give it a try and enjoy; very inspiring album.

Daniel Olvera