Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fear Incorporated - Phobos (2012)

Fear Incorporated
Manic Depression Records

After surviving to that maze of horrors called “Sawney’s Cave”; we have here the second stage in the discography of Fear Inc. This is another conceptual album called “Phobos” and it is all about the psique of fear: Every song is about some specific and irrational terror that people can feel for different things/subjects (clowns, being buried alive, etc.) And certainly they captured again such feelings through this Horror Post Punk-Gothic, combined with some Death Rock music. Once again the raw sound together with the powerful-theatrical voice, are creating the atmosphere here. Their music can be described as some raw-sounded Old School- Goth with a twist of Horror, which is very dark. And this second album has added some new sounds to their unique (and very underground) musical style.

The album starts in quite a great way with “Dying to get out”; this is Post Punk Gothic with great rhythm, amazing bass lines here. This was the first track from this album that was revealed by them some time ago, and this one captured my attention immediately. “Submerged” is some gloomy monologue that drowns you into anguish. “Wrong turn” is like dark Post Punk with some acid twist, another track with awesome rhythm here: The dominating bass lines and the pounding drumming are quite a solid basis for the sharp guitar riffs, and the gloomy theatrical voice. “Dead of night” displays some Death Rock chords and total black atmosphere. “Fear is man’s best friend” exudes anguish and despair in every second, is atmospheric and claustrophobic.”Clown” is a finely constructed track with the best Dark sound from Fear Incorporated, they added some aggressive Punk Chords in the chorus; and this one sounds great with that combination of acoustic sound, and raging riffs. “Suffocation” is very close to original Death Rock and is total gloom, everything is so black here. “Spooked” has the same vibe with a more dynamic rhythm, this one is mid-tempo and predates to the listener in every moment. “Solitary confinement” adds a touch of Dark Ambient sound, very interesting. “Hocus Pocus” will take you to the depths of acid darkness: Is like “The end” by The Doors, combined with Christian Death, and the very unique style of Fear Incorporated; this is mind striking.

They have done another quite good album with obscure music and dense atmosphere, a pretty fine combination of Dark Post Punk-Gothic and Death Rock. Another sound-track of doom by Fear Inc., and it sounds really evil (again).

Daniel Olvera