Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rot On The March ‎– Era Of The Penultimate Steps (2013)

Rot On The March
Era Of The Penultimate Steps
Shadowplay Release
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Russia is not a country that produces many traditional Gothic rock bands, in fact Russian bands are more post punk. But not in the case on the March Rot, which is a solo project of Alex March. It took a while to get the album in my hands, I really do not know what is the problem with the Russians but the postal service must be high priced thing. Alex did not edit any prior demo, ventured directly with a debut album which is honestly one of the best albums of Gothic rock I've heard this year, has all the elements that made the bands of Gothic rock of the 90's great and some school elements of more primal Gothic rock. Although this is a solo project, do not let this factor shelve the opportunity to discover a talented musician. The compositions of Rot On The March are very classic and yet refreshing, riffs that go from the first The Mission, Sisters of Mercy and even some songs remind me a lot of the Swedish Goth rock act Canis Lupus or Norwegian New Breed. Although this album was released in late 2012, I would say that it is an album of 2013 because it was so difficult to get it, actually you can see in their bandcamp page, it will be released on September 13th. - Era Of The Penultimate Steps -  is a good work and ROTM has a lot of potential to bring to light, there's no doubt. Very good Gothic rock at its best. If you know more about Rot On The Mach, click here. The Cd version don't include The Cult's cover version of Go West.

Oskar Terramortis