Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Bellicose Minds - The Spine (2013)

The Bellicose Minds
The Spine
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The Bellicose Minds captured my attention since the first time I listened to their Dark Punk music. They are a very underground band; I use to describe their sound as some Punk Band which fell captivated by Joy Division, and the early The Cure. They are a very underground band from Portland, Oregon  (USA) Bellicose Minds started in 2009, and their music is very honest and loyal to the tradition of Punk, and dark Post Punk bands from the early 80’s.Mentioning among their influences to such bands like: Chameleons, Killing Joke, The sound, Oprea De Nuit, Vex, 13th Chime, Joy Division, The Cure, Danse Society, Play Dead, etc. and they have defined a visceral and straight forward sound, which is well rounded and pretty well executed. And they have lyrics with message. With a demo and one 7” EP, they began to be known in the underground scene. The word was spread relatively fast, and The Bellicose Minds can be found in lots of mix-tapes, and on line compilations of Dark Punk music. And certainly, they are a prominent band which can be found among this exciting new wave of Music.

With “Lessons” they go straight to the point: This is Pure 80’s Dark Post Punk; with dominating bass lines which are the core of the musical structure, they are backed by a dynamic drumming. The guitar work is really fine in this band, and the voice completes the atmosphere with attitude, and energy. “The Spine” sounds like a logic progression of the first track: The sound just flows in a very natural way, and the guitar creates great transitions here. “Bellicose Minds” has some tribal-like drumming, which is very reminiscent of the Old School Gothic bands from The UK. The bass is non-stop, and everything sounds really good here. “Call to graves” is a more melodic approach of their music. It goes from raging moments, to Punk-melodic passages. “The observer “ is a perfect definition of Dark Punk. “Engulfed” goes from introspection, to rhythmic Post Punk. It will make you think in The Cure. “Visions of pain” is such an awesome song. One of their best tracks in my opinion, and it comes with message. “Banished alone (forever)” is a melodic mid-tempo track, with rich sound. “Bloody hands” is dark Post Punk executed with dynamism, and fluent transitions; this song is very catchy. “Destruct” is a fine rendition of Old School Gothic, with stunning changes created by the energetic guitar sound. “In greed” is another unbeatable combo of dark Post Punk, and gloomy Old School Goth. “The Spine” is such a good debut album: 

It has eleven tracks of the best Dark Post Punk. If you want to be updated about the underground scene of today, definitely you have to check this record; because The Bellicose Minds is a remarkable band in the scene of today. / Daniel Olvera