Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shadow Image - Kiss The Ashes (2013)

Shadow Image
Kiss The Ashes
Danse Macabre 
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Amazing! They have done a wonderful compendium of the Gothic music from the 90’s: Every aspect seems to be here. The fine sound of bands from the USA: Such as The prophetess, and The Last Dance; The guitar-oriented Traditional Gothic from Europe like: Rosetta Stone, Paralysed Age or Nosferatu, brilliant moments of elegant Dark Wave, and even some traces of the ethereal music can be found here (among other elements) Have been following to this band from some time: They created a facebook profile, uploaded some tracks, and they catched the attention of Gothic Rock enthusiasts from all over the globe. They continued with this work making more tracks, defining a style, and here is the debut album from Shadow Image. In my opinion it fills all of the expectations that we have about this band, in such a good way. Shadow Image is a duo from Flint, Michigan (USA) they are Harley Mace (Voice and various instruments) and Mandy Monster (Keyboards). They are a talented developing act of The New Millennium.

“This side of the wasteland” is traditional Gothic Rock from the 90’s school, and is executed with passion, their sound combines intensity and elegance here. What a good start for this album.”Kiss the ashes” is a hard-hitting 90’s Gothic Rock, something between Rosetta Stone and Drooning Maudland. The rhythm in ”The Call Of Midnight” is captivating, and the song has really good transitions. This duo has reached a great level of mutual understanding when creating, and performing to their music. The combination between keyboards and guitars is always well balanced.”In the name of…” is more Gothic tradition finely executed, and has quite dramatic passages which are adorned with sublime melody: This is some of the finest Gothic-Dark Wave music of today.”There in the snow” is eerie and trance inducing; the ethereal sound is present with this dreamlike sound scape. “I died for love” has neoclassic keyboards and dramatic vocal performance, very into 90’s lost romance. This one brings a new angle to this record.”The shadows linger on” has some Death Rockish gloomy sound, and the vocal performance creates different atmospheres here. “Shades of demise” is passionate Gothic Dark Wave, with fine execution. “Lost but not forgotten” has good rhythm, is pretty melodic and emotive.”Shade’s Piano” is another relaxing passage of Neoclassical-Ethereal sound, is a wonderful instrumental tune. Finally here’s the reprise of “Lost but not forgotten”, and this record ends in a very sober way. 

They have done a great debut album: As I said before they are a developing act and they will learn more, and eventually they will explode their full potential. Have to say congratulations to Shadow Image; they have shown amazing things in this record. It’s quite a good first step for them. / Daniel Olvera