Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kuudes Silmä - Kuudes Silmä (2013)

Kuudes Silmä 
Kuudes Silmä
Combat Rock Industry

Finland is world-famous because of its extreme cold weather, but their underground Post Punk bands are really hot stuff. And here is Kuudes Silmä , a very exciting Dark Post Punk band from Helsinki. They have electrifying music and their sound is really deep: It is a combination of Old School Gothic, Raw Post Punk, and they are well tuned with the new batch of Dark Punk bands. I’m really impressed with this band; it is one of the finest from darker depths of the underground scene from today. This quartet of Finland arrives with their debut album, which is available on CD and glorious vinyl. They are a  are very well coupled band, they have good skills and a really good execution. The song writing is just great; very energetic Dark Post Punk which is an injection of adrenaline to your system, and it has a proper dose of darkness and gloominess. It has to be awesome to see this band playing some live show.

“Hypnoosi” is the intro which has obscure anguish, and claustrophobic feel. “Hapea” comes to the rescue of your mind with awesome electricity, and it displays a well crafted sound.“Ihmisraunio” rise the level of intensity to the max, with overwhelming Dark Punk sound and fast rhythm; very cathartic song. “Outo Päivä” is definitely more melodic, close to Old-Skull Goth with a good use of keyboards.”Tultha” has some guitar riffs inspired in Joy Division, and comes with awesome rhythm; really remarkable. If you love Play Dead, definitely you will like so much this song called:  “Kuollut Mies”. They have a great influence from that awesome band from the 80’s in this song, especially in the rhythm section. “Pimeys (Jota Ei Voi Hengittää)” is more Old School Goth; which is really straight forward stuff with lots of attitude, and untamed spirit. “Tuomittu” is mid tempo, but it has great energy, and is perfect to dance in the middle of a Mosh Pit. It is awesome stuff. “Anteeksi” has some veiled bitter-fury, with good rhythm transitions. “Tervetuloa Mun Elämään”is pretty interesting; it has some slight Christian Death influence, combined with the Raw Post Punk sound from Finland. “Verenjakaja” is gloom and doom, and it is the final stage for this awesome record.

My kind of stuff!! It is a really impressive debut album. This one is for people into Old School Gothic (Killing Joke,1919, Bauhaus, UK Decay, Southern Death Cult, Kuudes Tunti, etc.)And for people who likes of bands like Lost Tribe, Anasazi, Bellicose Minds, Blue Cross, Belgrado, etc.
Don’t miss this one.

Daniel Olvera