Saturday, July 20, 2013

Breathing of Bones - Virtue On The Spears, Roses To The Traitors (2013)

Breathing of Bones
Virtue On The Spears, Roses To The Traitors
Manic Depression Records 

Little is known about this band from Russia; and have to mention that this first release has been announced as their first and last record! This is sad because we have here to a very promising act of awesome Punk Death Rock, which is very remarkable. And they have that ingredient called excitement in their music: The result is a very catchy sound. To my surprise they are one of the best acts of the Death Rock of The New Millennium. Think about the very early Cinema Strange (from the demo tapes), the first record of Eat your Make up, the original Christian Death , and the voice sometimes has this mix of anguish and  lunacy; coming out from a tormented soul. It made think in Jaquy Bitch from his days with Neva. Breathing Of Bones was formed in 2007, and here is their first (and last) album… 

“Spread” is all about what we have here: A very attractive mix of Death Rock from The New Millennium combined with razor – edge Punk sound. Pretty straight forward stuff and is very good, the intensity rises; and all just explodes towards the end of the song. “Spring 2011” is evoking something like a downward spiral of dementia. And finally you will be eaten by a vortex created by the vertiginous rhythm, and the furious guitar riffs. “Ascesis” develops two sonic stages: In the first one the intensity is rising, leading to a Punk-Death Rock climax which is pretty exciting.”Winter “ is their tribute to one of their Punk influences: The Amebix. This is a remarkable cover version. ”Ophelia” continues with the Punk sound, especially in the guitar section. And the melody is deliciously intoxicating.”Man or woman” is a good mixture of Christian Death, and Eat Your Make Up: The best of New and classic sounds here. “Empire and shades” made me think in Bloody Dead And Sexy, with this vocal tone; and the melodic approach to Death Rock. “Happy Families” has captivating transitions. Is a very solid track; and such a good conclusion for this album.

It will be good to know if there is more stuff from them (previous to this album of course; or maybe a EP, or some demo) This is a very remarkable band coming out from the Death Rock scene of The New Millennium. One of the best in my opinion; because of their combination of Punk adrenaline, and Death Rock gloominess. 

Daniel Olvera