Friday, July 19, 2013

I Am OK - I Am OK EP (2012)

I Am OK 
Edils Recording

Coming from Sweden, I Am OK is the solo project of ex-member of The Search and post-rock band Jeniferever Johan Zeitler. Its first release, eponymous EP I Am OK  is available for free download at Edils Recording website. It consists of three refreshing pop tracks filled with eighties nostalgia.  First track on this EP, “1x1” offers bubbly synths over Cure influenced guitars and strong bass lines. The result is a catchy tune that could be taken from the best of the eighties’ new wave. Vocals can bring to mind Billy Corgan’s, with a softer, lighter touch. On the following “Chasing Butterflies”, new wave synths, drum machine sound and a clever guitar riff create highly addictive pop music. Last track of the EP, “Hades & Heidi” provides the same cheering effect of lively and smart pop songs. This EP is for new wave/electro-pop/indie gourmets and should be enjoyed without restraint. I certainly will be waiting for news from I Am OK.

Guillaume Renard