Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Hiram Key - Escape From Tzolk’in (2013)

The Hiram Key
Escape From Tzolk’in

Gary Ash is the front man at the official The Cure’s tribute band: The Cureheads. He is also in The Hiram Key , the other members are involved in such bands like Nosferatu & Killing Miranda (Belle Star), and Sean Flude is on bass guitar. Their sound is so radiant, with lots of melody and positive energy. It will make you think in the album “The Cure” from 2004, and “Wish”(1992) both by The Cure (of course). This will happen in the first moments; but other influences will come to your mind with subsequent tracks: You will think in David Bowie, Peter Murphy, etc., etc. As they say in their facebook page, The Hiram Key is:  Goth/ Dark-Indie/ Pop wave/ Guitar Wave/ New Wave. This is a wide and rich mixture; and the result is a quite enjoyable experience with great musicality.

This is a concept album about the Mayan apocalypse and space travels, and has very interesting collaborations from various talented musicians. With “Zero Gravity” we are literally propelled to the musical universe of The Hiram Key, the song explodes with wonderful energy: Belle Star’s creates some great rhythm, with a fast and overwhelming assault to the drum kit. The bass lines are pounding, and the guitar –voice combination is stunning. This song is really pure energy! “The dark” comes with great emotion and the appropriate dose melody; it embraces you with this warm felling, which is totally Cure-esque. “Anything” has this mixture of energetic Cure sound and alternative rock. It made think immediately in the album “The Cure” (2004). “Breathing ice is wonderful organic sound all in all: They have mixed electric and acoustic guitars, male and female voices… The result is a wonderful song. Don’t miss”Dizzy Christmas”; it sounds like a special collaboration of David Bowie and The Cure (“Wish” era) this is so catchy.”Electrostar” has good melody, and some slightly Heavy guitar sound. The approach is more Alternative in this one, and it has great chorus. “No more snow for Sean” will take you to another place with the hypnotic sound. You will feel like floating in the space; just like the astronaut of the album cover. “The lie” is a mixture of Alternative Rock sound, and The Cure. This one has really good rhythm.”Sensation” is very into 90’s alternative sound, mixed with electronic music. “Return to Oz” is a cascade of rhythm and Cure influence, very colorful and melodic.

I’m really glad to know about The Hiram Key, it has been such a good surprise to me. Give this a try and you will be captivated, this one really is best quality stuff.

Daniel Olvera