Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Devil & The Universe - Evoking Eternity - EP 2013

The Devil  & The Universe
Evoking Eternity

The Devil & The Universe is a very interesting and innovative project created by Ashley Dayour and David Pfister, it is a mind-striking combination of sounds going from Witch House, Drone, Dark Ambient, Minimal - Synth, Ancient Music, Industrialized beats, and Goth. The imagery and the sound are pretty captivating and quite obscure. This is an atmospheric-experimental concept, and it is oriented to the OCCVLT: The name of The Devil And The Universe, is taken from the respective Arcanes of the Tarot. Ashley Dayour (from the well-known Gothic Rock band, Whispers In The Shadow, and Goth-Alternative: Coma Divine) and David Pfister (from modern-day bohemians:  Neigungsgruppe, Sex, Gewalt und gute Laune) are creating here something totally different and unexpected, taking in mind to their respective projects. And this is exactly the magic behind The Devil &The Universe. Aufnahme + Wiedergabe comes again with another stunning underground release.

“Parvati’s Lament” is ritualistic: From the smoke created by the initial Dark ambient chords, emerges some mysterious and entrancing melody; which is very reminiscent from the music of the Middle East. And it is quite seductive and mesmerizing. “Belief manipulation” goes to the grounds of Minimal Synth with Industrialized tones. And then some primitive rhythm with strong percussions is added, along with the rising chords from the synths; creating a solemn atmosphere, which brings powerful images of ancient ceremonies in your mind. This is Industrialized Dark-Ambient sound; mixed with ancient rhythms. “It is our will” adds quite a good dose of rhythm to this release, in such a great way. The song is constructed around a quite solid and simplistic structure, and this direct approach is its strength; very catchy song. “Continuum” could be some fantastic movie score music: At this moment you can get the idea of which kind of movie it could be.”Evoking eternity” is Industrialized-Dark Ambient sound, in the good tradition of Cold Meat Industries; and it develops into another very cinematic, instrumental piece. Finally, we have two remixes: “It is your will” by label-mates In Death It Ends, which is awesome with that sinister sound. And the other is “Parvati’s Lament” (Matter Suspiria remix), this one is even more immersed into the depths of Dark Ambient. It reminded me of Aghast (a cult project from Cold Meat Industries). This is a huge first step for The Devil & The Universe, pretty awesome release with a unique dark-charm. I really like to explore these grounds of the Dark(est) Music of today with this “Evoking Eternity” , a great combination of Dark atmospheres and occvlt. It will really expand your musical horizon, because it is quite an experience.

Daniel Olvera