Saturday, June 8, 2013

Veil of Light - Veil of Light (2013)

Veil of Light
Veil of Light
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Maybe it sounds like a contradiction but Veil of Light is doing amazing DARK Music. This is a one man project from Zurich, Switzerland, and he is known only as “M”; he creates some dark, eerie , and very emotive atmospheres with his hypnotic and fascinating music. This is quite a trip to the wonderful darkest 80’s and is really inspiring and powerful…Like The Virgin Prunes said: this is a new form of beauty. The aesthetic in the music of Veil of Light is pretty straight and well defined: This music takes you to dream-like landscapes; and it goes straight to your emotions, creating images in your mind. He defines this sound as Goth- Gaze (Gothic Rock + Shoegaze, very loyal to the 80’s sound) and this concept really goes beyond a simple musical definition; it is an experience. This is like a black diamond. The sublime guitar chords, and the deep bass lines in ”Broken glass” are creating some eerie and melancholic atmosphere; add to this a minimalistic machine rhythm in the style of “Pornography“ and the voice which makes you think in Death In June. It is a total shock when some noisy distortion, breaks with some sad fury; this song will literally take you by the shoulders and shake you up. Is really great, because it goes straight to your soul. “Light” is wonderful Post Punk – Goth, with amazing melody and great guitar work. This one has lots of class, is really remarkable. “Rivals blood” is another one with drum machine a la “Pornography” The trumpet-like keyboards are creating some solemn mood for this melodic mid-tempo track. With “Mirrors and walls”, you will feel that everything is spinning around you. And it is like that because you are in some kind of hypnotic vortex. This track is brief, but pretty interesting. “Veins” is the other side of the coin: It has electricity and faster rhythm, and is really catchy. The final Track is “Gebo” which is based on keyboards and is sumptuous like a cathedral… This first release is fascinating, go for it; and get yourself immersed in to the astonishing world created by the music of M: You will like it….so much.

Daniel Olvera