Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kuudes Tunti - Kuinka Tänään Voit? (2013)

Kuudes Tunti
Kuinka Tänään Voit? (2013)

This time we will do a travel straight to the roots of the Old School Gothic scene from Finland, with this album from the seminal Gothic Post Punk band: Kuudes Tunti. This release was a lost record because it never was officially internationally released (Only 500 copies were released back in 1984). As you know, people always manage to obtain some bootleg tape or whatever, and this was something like a cult-"unreleased" item for too many years. People who are very into the underground 80’s scene from Finland, will be absolutely interested in this great release; as well as fans of the Old School Gothic-Post Punk. This is very into the vein of early Bauhaus, 1919, Southern Death Cult, Alien Sex Fiend, Ausgang, Screaming Dead, Killing Joke, Play Dead, Skeletal Family, etc. I love the Old School scene and this release is very appealing to me. This is such an important album, and it is very influential and definitive for the scene from Finland; because its influence is making echo until today. I always have been fascinated for the early Goth music which is closer to the Punk roots; and this is exactly what Kuudes Tunti delivers here, and they did it in such an awesome way. Hope that someday they put their info in English, at least in their facebook page; because I think that too many people out there (besides me) want to know something about their history. “Kuinka Tanaan” finally has a proper pressing, after those years of being lost in the fog. And it is a really BIG and brilliant record.

“Lihaa” has lots of class, and is awesomely executed. IT has catchy and very rhythmic bass lines, great guitar work, in the tradition of early Goth Music from the classics of the UK; the drumming is very solid and it has some kind of “echoing” sound. Indeed, the rhythm section reminded me of the release of the Southern Death Cult.”Valamiehistö Nauraa” has this combo of brilliant and clean execution with a raw voice. This unique signature sound can be found in the Finnish bands from the New Millennium; a great deal of influence is coming out from this classic band. “Kuuntele Ääniä” is simply vertiginous and energetic. “Eksyneet lapset” is powerful, with fluent melody, deep bass lines and it is more inclined to Punkish nuances. “Taikauskon Renassanssi” has the gloomy and introspective feeling, without losing any bit of dynamism. This song is kinda quiet, but restless at the same time. “Levoton” has lively radiant energy and the best Old School Gothic sound.

Things went darker with “Oletko kaunis”; it has predating obscure chords, which develops into some intense passages which are full of rich musicality. “Kuinka Tänään voit” is really dark, entrancing and hypnotic .This one has some hallucinating transitions.”Tuhon Yö” will take hold of your senses and it will make you move; while you are literally possessed by its wonderful rhythm. The rhythm section chords at the beginning; made think in the classic album “It’s Only Theatre Of Pain”. This is quite an amazing song. ”Aamulla minä Itkin” is very emotive and it has intensity; it is a very touching and pleasant song. What a great album is this: ”Pää (Syö omat silmänsä)” is ravishing Old School, It has Sax chords (Like some bands from the UK such as: Theatre Of Hate and Screaming Dead), and it has an irresistible combination of great melody and pretty cool choruses; quite remarkable. “Aikuisten katseissa” is dark, Punk-sounded and raw…but this is not a single song. Actually they are some pretty interesting, and really good hidden tracks. They could be a demo, some kind of rehearsal, or live stuff. None of these songs are included in the album, and these tracks sound great. A lost classic release which is good all in all, add those interesting extras and you will get a fascinating collection of songs by Kuudes Tunti.  Absolute must-have…Don’t miss it!  

Daniel Olvera

* This double vinyl set consists of the original studio LP from 1984 plus 9 unreleased bonus tracks, including the shelved 7" "Pää (Syö Omat Silmänsä)" (Tracks C1 & C2). Tracks C3-D4 recorded live at Tavastia, Helsinki, 5/3/1984. Also features a 20-page booklet with unseen photos and an extensive essay on the band. Gatefold sleeve. Black vinyl limited to 400 copies.  Yellow vinyl limited to 100 copies.