Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nova Et Vetera - Dead Waltz (2013)

Dead Waltz

¡¡Yes, I knew it!!... Before reading to the info included in the bio of the band, I had this impression of being in front of a really theatrical, and strongly live performance-oriented band. And let me tell you that Nova Et Vetera will capture your attention in such a big way. This is really, really restless: They use lots of different voices; which actually are representing to different characters. It is like a non-stop succession of events, with lots of characters involved. And their music is in a constant transformation in every song, and it goes from one extreme to another all the time. In their info section you can read this: “The music proposed by the band is a baroque mix of dark rock backed by cold sounds, from experimental punk to death rock or even minimal synth” Quite an accurate description of this unique experience. They describe this project as an artistic experience which is opened to other disciplines; they involve poetry, animated films and other on-stage elements. Well, you can think in The Virgin Prunes, Bahuhaus, Das Ich, Cinema Strange, Jacquy Bitch (and Neva, of course), and all of those artists with strong on stage performances: And at the end, Nova Et Vetera is taking this tradition of  The Dark Music; in which a strong and emotive music, is accompanied by a strong and emotive performance. 

“A beautiful journey” is the beginning of this album and is quite unique all in all, like the entire experience indeed. It has a vertiginous rhythm a la The Birthday Party, and the intonation of the voice made me think in Gavin Fryday for a moment. Suddenly it transforms into some very catchy chorus, which are much unexpected. “Le charme supreme” has really cadenced rhythm with smooth bass lines, and it is emphasized by the percussions. This song has really interesting transitions; and lots of voices are creating the theatrical effect here. “I don’t exist” has this bass lines, and mood, which have some resemblance with Bauhaus’s “Hollow Hills”. It is combined with passages in which the intensity increases. “Nothing” is deep-introspective and sharp. Things go in crescendo here, leading to moments with dramatic peaks.”What are you dreaming of?” is gloomy; and you will have the impression of being surrounded by mysterious characters, when listening to those voices. The final moments of this song have a ritualistic sound. “Incarnation” is quite atmospheric with the tribal rhythms, and the middle-eastern music. “La valse morte” is another atmospheric track. It is pretty obscure and powerful; and the female voice gives a very special touch here. This one is really trance-inducing. Dark-Minimalistic electronic sounds are displayed in “La Folie”, and this is like some introduction to “A ticket for oblivion”. The rhythm is slow and heavy as hell, it´s like a chant for doom; especially when the distressed voice asks: “Where’s my mind?”  The final track is “Apres la mort” (Enter Death) the title is very explanatory: gloomy and doom sensation…Fade into darkness.

Well, this is a pretty interesting concept album; in which every song is an act of the entire play. So, if will be great if you can have this vinyl with the lyrics, in order to get completely immersed in this experience; which is really unique and rich. They have created some realistic soundscapes. 

Daniel Olvera