Friday, June 21, 2013

Three Winters - The Atrocities EP (2013)

Three Winters 
The Atrocities E.P.
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The recent review which appeared here on This Is Gothic Rock, about the release by The Devil And The Universe, has been our portal to another form of Dark Music: the one which comes from the 80’s with analogue synths: And I mean REAL Dark-Electronic Music with substance, atmosphere and structure, music made by real musicians using shynts. As you know, the Post Punk era was like a melting pot; and you can find in the mix: Dark post Punk, Traditional Gothic Rock, Post Punk Gothic, Batcave, New Wave, Industrial, the original Synth Pop, etc., etc. Seminal artists like Fad Gadget, Gary Numan, and the rising careers of New Order, and Depeche Mode, are maybe the most well known names. But I have to mention the success of Kraftwerk with “Das Model” in the indie UK charts, this propelled the interest in electronic music during the Post Punk era. And Kraftwerk lead us to Germany, the place in were the Punk and Post Punk music had a very unique development; because they were using analogue synths to create music. Well, let’s get back to The New Millennium!: This is a pretty interesting and exciting time, because lots of very talented artists have the spirit of the 80’s and 90’s; and they are creating awesome music taking inspiration in those all -time classics. And I’m really happy of being in this era. Belaten is one of those interesting new in dependent labels; which are focusing in underground music with great quality. You can find here the review of Veil of Light which is a band from its roster. Three Winters is straight analogue electronic music; with Minimal-Wave, is retro-futuristic, and it has movie score-like soundscapes. This is dark with catchy rhythms, and it is pretty immersive. Most of the tracks are instrumental tunes and they are really fascinating. As I said before: Real Dark Electronic Music with substance. “Atrocities” have a pretty captivating melody, supported in a very solid rhythmic structure. It takes you straight to the 80’s.”At the centre of Dystopia” has eerie tones at the beginning, and it transforms into a powerful and rhythmic track. This is the only one which features voice. “At the center of Dystopia (Pseen Mix)” is a total transformation. The most suitable piece for a glorious 80’s Sci-fi film; it has great rhythm and entrancing atmosphere.”Atrocities (Aymeric Thomas Mix)” has some clavichord-like sound at the beginning; and is another transformation, but this one remains closer to the original.”Atrocities (MisterMix)” has more emphasis on rhythm, which is the core of this version. The last mix of this song is “Th.Tot Mix” which is almost cinematic, with different textures all the time.”Aeon Surveilance” is more retro-futuristic feel, and is the perfect tune to close this tape. Pretty interesting release, you have to experience this sounds by yourself. And you will find something different and very fascinating. Enjoy!

Daniel Olvera