Thursday, June 20, 2013

Press Gang Metropol - Checkpoint (2012)

Press Gang Metropol

Debut album from Press Gang Metropol, and there is a whole background behind this release. We have here to three quarters of the legendary 90’s band, Corpus Delicti: Sebastien (Voice), Cristophe (Bass), Frank A (Guitar), and Eric is on drums. Have to mention that every ex- Corpus Delicti member have developed different projects previous to this band; Sebastien released three albums with Kuta, Frank founded Curl and released three albums too, and Christophe founded Kom-Intern, which produced five albums. These re-united band mates have a new approach to the music with this band. The voice of Sebastiane oscillates between the tones of Peter Murphy and David Bowie; and the band has created their very distinctive sound of New Wave-Post Punk. It is in the tradition of such classics like The Cure, Joy Division, Gang Of Four, and New Order; combined with bands of the new millennium like Interpol, and The Editors. This seems really good, and certainly it is really good indeed: The music of Press Gang Metropol is radiant and it has class.

With “Until”, we are directly introduced to the colorful sonic world of Press Gang Metropol. The song has lots of vitality, great rhythm, and all of the sensibility of the good melodic Post Punk.”Parade” has the same feel, and is so catchy and pretty well made; it could be a great single. It is a very pleasant tune. “Sound/ Wave” is really closer to Joy Division and the early New Order with those initial chords; during the verse, they are building the prelude to some choruses which are pretty energetic with lots of emotion. In “Answers”   they are sailing in quieter waters, with a contemplative and nostalgic feeling. This is one of the singles from this record, and there is a video clip of this one.  “National Prime” has a very solid and versatile rhythmic section, great guitar work; and is remarkable how the voice of Sebastien can make us imagine in how could sound David Bowie, as the front man of some great 80’s Post Punk Band. “Checkpoint” has some entrancing musicality. Until this moment, every track has shown a really fine crafting; and this one is specially another great potential single. And talking about singles, here’s “The Escape”: As the video suggests this is vertiginous, but amazingly melodic at the same time; it’s quite a good choice to promote this album. You will have such a pleasant moment, when the sonic waves of “A sigh, a second, an hour”, will be carrying you to a place of listening pleasure. “Empire Square” is a combo of Cure guitar and keyboard chords, from the era of “Disintegration”, Joy Division’s driving bass lines, harmonies from The Psychedelic Furs…Finest 80’s with great execution here. “False start” accelerates the rhythm big time. In”A moment of resistance”, the distinctive and really fine Post Punk music of the band is complemented with electronic sounds. This one will provide you serenity and enjoyment. “Presence” is pretty melodic with awesome rhythm and great transitions. And the last track is “Signals”, a pretty inspired song which closes this album. This “Checkpoint” is a fine quality piece all in all.  

This is a pretty well balanced album. We have here the name of such a classic band, lots of experience, and the quality in this release is guaranteed.  They did an awesome work. 

Daniel Olvera