Monday, June 3, 2013

New Zero God - MMXIII (2013)

Secret Sin Records 

This is the second production by New Zero God with Secret Sin Records, and this is great-quality stuff: Traditional Gothic Rock in which you can appreciate some influences from FOTN, combined with their unique style. They have a very important back ground; because New Zero God has their roots in the seminal Greek Goth- Post Punk band, The Flowers Of Romance. With a very important career of 30 years, Mike Pogounas is accompanied by his former Flowers Of Romance band mates: Lao (guitar) and Harris Stavrakas (bass), and Dimitris Steves  (drums). “Club Bizarre” is a pretty interesting and a really good release; the great thing here is that New Zero God is still evolving and improving their sound. This is a refreshing new start for the careers of these very experienced and notorious musicians. As the previous E.P.; this new work has been released by Secret Sin Records (Angels Of Liberty), and it has the great quality standard of that record label. This one was sold-out almost immediately.

“Damaged” comes with some nephilimized atmosphere and influence. This is a stunning, and really finely crafted track. It has a very interesting progression, and eventually a transformation at minute 3:30; with climatic guitars towards the end of this brief epic track.”Hypnotized” rises up with electricity, fast rhythm, and it’s a really exciting display of energy.”No cure for love” is really catchy Gothic-Post Punk, and is very 80’s in spirit. “Sinners and lovers” has some very well constructed bass lines, great guitar work, the voice has lots of passion, and the drumming is pretty clear and rhythmical. Everything here is about the pleasure of listening to some great organic sound. “In dreams we trust” is another track with contagious melody and pretty good choruses; this song has lots of emotion and a very optimistic feel.”Freak show” begins with dark bass tones, and the melody is well constructed around those initial bass lines. It has pretty good transitions, add to this some very interesting lyrics.”Angeline” is a pretty remarkable track with Post Punk - Gothic sound, another song with great 80’s feeling and great rhythm. “Pinups” has a pretty unique sound, and it is between Gothic and Alternative sound. “Intoxication” is a great display of their unique Gothic Rock sound; they have great energy, vibrant rhythm and well-placed transitions.”Until the end of the line” creates a very emotive atmosphere at the beginning, and is pretty melodic and very passionate at the end.

New Zero God is a pretty interesting Gothic Rock band, with such an impressive story behind them. I really hope that someday this stuff could be re-issued; a combo of this album, plus the previous E.P. will be really great.

Daniel Olvera