Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Eden House - Half Life (2013)

Half Life

The Eden House is getting better with each release; they are evolving and they have been improving their “know how” in terms working together and creating music: This project seems to be more compacted, and this time it feels more like a band. You will appreciate how all this talent working together, is more like a solid unity. They have this advantage of being a big collaborative project; and this interesting combination of traditional classicism with a refreshing approach, is their cutting edge. And yes: The Eden House is huge, and this new record is what you can expect from them: Great talent working together, lots of ideas, great Gothic Rock going from traditional sound  to ethereal passages, dreamlike melodies, progressive moments, and all of those singers providing various shades. And you get the idea; this record has music of great quality and a very rich sound. In case that you don’t know who are they, I can tell you that the “Core members” in this project are: Tony Pettitt-Bass (Fields Of The Nephilim, NFD), Stephen Carey- Guitar (This Burning Effigy, Adoration) Simon Rippin- Drums (Sensorium, Nefilim, Nephilim AD, NFD) Andy Jackson-guitar (sound engineer with Pink Floyd,and producer of “Elizium” by FOTN). Add to this basic line-up, the names of musicians from bands like: The Mission UK, Faith And The Muse, All About Eve, New Model Army, Mephisto Walz, The Last Dance, Peter Yates and the brothers Wright (from FOTN) ,etc., etc., and you will know that this will be really good for sure.

“Bad Men” is the first single for this new record, and it has a pretty cool video clip. The voice here is provided by Monica Richards (Faith And The Muse) This mid-tempo song has great cadence, and comes with a melodic and mesmerizing sound. “Indifference” is more oriented to an atmospheric mood, the voice is seductive and the melody is entrancing; such a captivating song it is. “Wasted On Me” has an ethereal voice, but the rhythm and the bass lines in the background are creating expectation in some subtle manner; and suddenly it explodes with great energy. This one has a climactic moment; when the celestial voice and the sublime guitar chords, are perfectly fused with the great strength provided by the rhythm section. The seduction comes with “Hunger”, which is such a so fine and delicate track; quite a delight.”The Empty Space” is Gothic music taken to the finest melodic approach, in this style.”Butterflies” maintains the standard of the previous song, and it has lots of passion, and sublime melodic passages. Time for guitar oriented Gothic Rock with “The Tempest”, it is a perfectly balanced track which has a good dose of energy and very interesting transitions. This track has a total transformation at the end. “City of Goodbyes” is slow at the beginning but it has lots of substance. This song is shape shifting, because it transforms into a hallucinating trip; this could be their most “progressive” track. “First Light” is very unique, and this is the attractive side of this song: This one sounds really different, even for the standards of The Eden House. This is another really interesting and impressive record; most of the songs are mid to slow tempo but they sound really big and they have great density and variety. Definitely “Half Life” is another great experience brought to you by The Eden House.

Daniel Olvera