Monday, June 3, 2013

Weareoff - Objects In Motion (2013)

Objects In Motion
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What a good surprise is this “Objects In Motion” by Weareoff; they have done a great combination of Post Punk, New Wave, and original 80’s Synth- Pop. They have mixed elements of such great classics like: The Cure, Chamaleons, Handful Of Snowdrops, New Order, Camouflage, or Depeche Mode. Things seem very interesting with those awesome influences, and indeed this is a very well done work and it has great a level of quality. This relatively new and promising band based in Hamburg, Germany; has a previous production entitled “EP” and it was released in 2010. Now, in this 2013 they are presenting this first full length called “Objects In Motion”; in these years they have constructed a very attractive musical proposal and they have consolidated their style. They are: Stephan Nielsen (Guitar, voice), Daniel Sclott (Synth, bass voice) August Baiget(Guitar, voice) and Tobias Noorman (drums)

“When there’s no light”  is all about atmosphere and shyntetized  soundscapes, mixed with subtle guitar  traces, the voice is pretty clear with a personality of its own. And then “Chymera” breaks the electronic-ambient mood, with irresistible cadence and a very rich sound; in which the influence of D.M. is pretty clear. Instant fascination here! “Objects in Motion” has a sound which is more like Guitar-oriented Post Punk, with New Wave tones, and it’s a perfectly balanced track. This one is quite danceable, with those Depeche Mode-ish choruses. “Miracle” has this wonderful mixture of good energy and melody, and it is in the same spirit of the previous track; and that’s quite good!” Bound by silence” is mid-tempo and the guitar-driven Post Punk sound is more dominant here; this song is very rhythmic.”From end to start” is another guitar driven track which is very fine and pretty well constructed, this is slow tempo and very catchy. “Breathless” creates the balance here; is a very danceable track, and it’s more oriented to the sound of the good 80’s Synth Pop, in the tradition of the finest bands of this music style.”The pain remains the same” has a faster rhythm, and the combination of sounds and beats is pretty unique.”As long as we remember” is quite introspective with solemn shyntetized chords, and the voice has a very contemplative and reflective tone.”The wait” is even more introspective and dark, and it’s executed with sobriety. Time really runs fast when listening to this ten-track full length.

This album sounds really awesome, and this is not because of a high-budget production or something like that. It sounds great due to their talent and their vision when creating this captivating sound; mixing the dominant bass lines and fine guitar work of Post Punk classics mixed with the surrounding and captivating atmosphere of 80’s Synth- pop. If you love 80’s, this one is for you; they gave their best in this release, and the result is quite remarkable. They are quite a revelation.   

Daniel Olvera