Monday, April 22, 2013

Split Image - Exposure (2012)

Split Image
Dead Scarlet Records

Split Image was formed in the early 80’s in Greece; and they were active until 1989. The band returned to the activity in 2007 and this is their first record. And it is very interesting; because they have created their own brand of Dark Wave music. This record is such a great contribution from these very experienced artists, to the musical scene of the New Millennium.

“Never Again” is the first track and it has great musicality; this down-tempo melody is very deep and atmospheric with a really fine sound.”When the spring comes” is very touching; it has lots of emotion and the arrangement is orchestral, thanks to the shynt that sounds like a metal section. The wind instrument gives a unique sound to this captivating song.”Go away” is very well constructed and the sound in this song is really elegant. This could be kind of a melodic Gothic-waltz. “Unaware” is down-tempo and it has a strong nostalgic feeling; quite introspective with a dramatic edge. Next track is very immersive: The dark and gloomy “Habeas Corpus”, this is a song for the night creatures. “Landed on Earth” is really catchy and have a sense of fun; it’s like those songs inspired by the classic horror films. It has all the paraphernalia from the B-movies from the 50’s: this could be a touch of Gotha-Billy, really remarkable song.”In better days” is really seducing and quite a pleasant track, very surrounding and captivating.”A wish as it falls” is another wonderful and quite melodic track; it captivates you with its warm fell and fascinating harmony.”Hesitation” strongly reminded me of The Wolfgang Press: the elaborated bass lines, and the sublime guitars, this track has all the atmosphere and essence of the dark 80’s. “Friday night”, is another song with unique sound, actually I think that its way easier to enjoy it than describe it. It’s quite unique and it has a very special energy. ”City Hole” is very deep, and introspective, with a very remarkable and interesting sound. ”Exposure” is all about atmosphere and could be perfect for a movie score.

This is Dark music at its best, one unique album that goes beyond definitions; and it expresses real freedom in terms of its creativity. They have experimented with different music styles, and different kinds of arrangements, and the result is unique and rich. This Is Gothic has received lots of new and interesting proposals. Lots of hybrid styles which are very interesting; like Split Image is.

Daniel Olvera