Monday, April 22, 2013

Two Moons - Colors (2012)

Two Moons

Two Mons is band whose sound could be defined as Post Punk-Electronic; it’s very influenced by the 80’s and quite organic. Their music is pretty straight without unnecessary complications, and because of this, it is very easy to understand and enjoy. This band from Bologna Italy are mentioning to Joy Division and Depeche Mode as their influences, actually that’s pretty explanatory to describe their sound. They are double-edged: Some of their songs are radiant, while other of their songs are dark, they have one foot in the 80’s, and the another one is on the experimental side of the dark music of today. In some words this is Dark Post Punk combined with Shoe gaze and 80’s Electronic sound. This is really good actually; because the musical styles from the80’ like: Minimal Wave, Cold Wave, Post Punk, Dream Pop, Shoe Gaze, etc. are back with great strength in the musical underground scene of today. And to many artists are creating new music, while being loyal to the Underground dark 80’s; making some really interesting mix of music styles.80’s are the sounds of vanguard again…

“Stars” has a minimalistic drum-machine rhythm at the beginning; when the entire band appears the mood changes totally and they are giving us some very emotive song, with a very balanced mixture of both electronic and organic sounds. Very 80’s inspired and with a rich sound, it has great atmosphere and defines the style of the band in such a good way.”In the city” accelerates and comes with great energy, lots of vitality, and a fine sound.”Labyrinth” is another pretty well made track, I have to say that even the voice brings me memories of great 80’s music.”Colors” is another heavy hit of 80’s nostalgia, with great rhythm and a really catchy melody. This song has great choruses, they are really climatic. “Moon that watches” has a very seductive female voice. This song has lots of sensuality and it’s delicious.”Automatic smile” comes with great electronic rhythm; it is combined with some very well constructed and elegant melody. “Nothing” suggests some experimental-electronic piece at the beginning, but it develops into a quite atmospheric and melodic sound; it has some quiet and nostalgic feel. “The Well” is quite dark and gloomy, and it sounds really good.”To Run” is another track with the best Dark Post Punk sound, and is such a great final track for this album. If you like the new bands that have this combination of Post Punk with 80’s analogic-shynt sound; definitely you have to check this album by Two Moons. It has great quality, and their sound is really fine and well executed.

Daniel Olvera