Monday, April 22, 2013

Silent Scream - Rotten Days | Spirit Invocation / Promo EP (2012)

Silent Scream
Rotten Days (EP)
Stupido Records

Silent Scream is an electrifying band of Old School Post Punk, very inspired in the UK bands from the early 80’s. They have managed to induce a great dose of raw energy to that 80’s style, and somehow they have pioneered the recent outbreak of Dark Punk- Gothic Punk bands. Their music is really powerful and straight-in your face, but at the same time; it has a great sense of melody, in the tradition of the Old School Gothic bands from the 80’s. This combination makes their music so fascinating and exciting. It simply enters through your ears, fills your head with electricity and takes over your body. Inevitably, you will want to move and dance frenetically. They did a very remarkable album debut, and this promo EP is the advance of their second album: “Public Execution” (reviewed here in This Is Gothic Rock). ”Rotten Days” have two songs from the new album, plus some really interesting acoustic versions of three tracks from the previous one: “Cinema” And this is such a great collectible item. “Rotten Days” is pure raw energy to the max, powerful track with frenetic and contagious rhythm. This is a HUGE adrenaline shot for your system. The voice has great strength, the guitars are sharp, the bass line is irresistible, and the rhythm is crushing. “Spirit Invocation” is the other new track; this one has great energy and fast rhythm too but it’s more melodic. It has some guitars influenced by Joy Division, combined with overwhelming Punk energy. The following tracks are really remarkable; they prove that their songs are constructed around a quite solid melodic structure. The songs are: “Hive Mind”,”City Highrise” and “Cinema” and they are a great delight for dark music lovers. If you like really exciting music, point the spotlight on Silent Scream, they are doing very interesting releases and there’s more to come…. 

Daniel Olvera