Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Place4Tears - Whales Don’t Cry For Suicide (2013)

Whales Don’t Cry For Suicide
Danse Macabre

After listened to the previous work by Place4tears, I expected something really good; but this…This is HUGE! They have united forces and creative energies, with other talented artists; and the result is an impressive and enormous collaborative project: ”Whales Don’t Cry for Suicide”. This album is a hallucinating combination of musical styles and sounds; quite a trip into the captivating world of the finest Dark Music. Place4Tears has gathered to very talented artists from different styles of the wide landscape of the Dark music of today; and they have contributed with their unique visions, to create one of the richest musical experiences of the scene from this New Millennium. This record is rich in its musical variety and is rich in moods and atmospheres too; is totally captivating, every song is something different and has its own spirit. It goes from one surprise to another all the time. This one is for your listening pleasure.

“My private beginning” is a Gothic- Post Punk instrumental piece; dark and dynamic with influence of the darkest 80’s. The beautiful and passionate “Take me back”; has the collaboration of a new band, which is indeed a very talented revelation: Shadow image. “Dream Sequence” has the electrifying energy of Reactive Black. This is a total and awesome transformation; thanks to the sharp guitar of Frank and the dark-captivating voice of Saskia.”Field 4” is a short Dark-Ambient track, which introduces you to the magnificent “Tears of Avalon “with the collaboration of Sean Bowley  (Eden) Great track, one of my personal favorites from place4Tears.Time for an amazing twist to the sound of the Death rock of the New Millennium; brought to you by some of the finest bands of this style: The Mescaline Babies. Another total transformation of the original track, it has amazing energy. “The other side” has the creative vision of the new classic: The Spiritual Bat, with their Gothic- Death Rock style. The sound of Dario’s guitar is sublime, like a whisper; and the voice of Rosetta Garry has lots of feeling, and emotion.”Illusion” has the talents of Bettina Borman and Michael Kruger; of Oberer Totpunkt. This combines the dynamic energy from the90’s with the darkest 80’s; brilliant track. “Little love song” is a beautiful Neo Classical- Dark Wave song, it is warm and captivating. The charming and dark lullaby called “Be mine” is covered by Sweet Sister Pain; another wonderful song. “Illusion” is again present in this album; this time is through the artistic vision of Archway Towers; this version has electronic sound and it is quite danceable, melodic and catchy, very dynamic song indeed.”Princess Valium” is Dark Gothic –Industrial sound; courtesy of The Demoncast. “September breath” is developed this time by Verney 1826. This artist called Lionel Verney has a great affinity with the Place4Tears; he is into Neoclassical, Ethereal, Dark Ambient, Dark Folk, and Gothic. I have a suggestion for you: Enjoy to “The hidden scream” in total darkness. The following track is the third version of “Illusion”; this time is a mix by Tragic Black and it is quite good: It has elegance and catchy beats, they did something really unique here.”Be a queen” is another mix developed by Manzana Oscura; this artist called Banshee is in the fields of Experimental sound, Gothic and Ethereal; this one is totally atmospheric. “September breath” is back, and this version was made by Daniel Colletiis; a very interesting artist who are doing Experimental, Minimal, and New Wave. This is down-tempo, almost like electronic Dark cabaret. “Where the chosen get chosen “has an eerie and gloomy atmosphere; and it’s the final track of this album. 

This is the final act for Place4Tears, and it’s a very emotive and unforgettable album; quite a masterpiece. One of the most impressive releases so far this year.
Whales Don’t Cry For Suicide
The Final Act by Place4Tears
The players:
  • Place4Tears - The Inspiration
  • Shadow Image - Take Me Back
  • Reactive Black - Dream Sequence
  • Sean Bowley - Tears Of Avalon
  • The Mescaline Babies -September Breath
  • The Spiritual Bat - The Other Side
  • Oberer Totpunkt - Illusion
  • Sweet Sister Pain - Be Mine
  • Archway Towers - Illusion
  • Demoncast - Princess Valium
  • Verney 1826 - September Breath
  • Tragic Black - Illusion
  • Manzana Oscura - Be A Queen
  • Daniel Colletiis - September Breath
Daniel Olvera