Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dead Eyes - Opened Tyrants (2013)

Dead Eyes Opened
Goodtime Gargoyle 

In my experience, Dead Eyes Opened has been a very pleasant surprise. Their music has lots of charm, and the spark of spontaneity. Indeed their sound is endearing. There’s nothing about darkness and gloominess; their music is radiant, and it has great vitality and energy. They are doing some really fine Gothic Rock, combined with a very sophisticated 80’s Rock, and Synth-Electronic sound. This will get you hooked if you love the kind of music styles that I mentioned above. As they say, this mixture is Kaleidoscopic (and very rich). Their interpretation of Gothic Rock has great musicality and elegance, and it has extremely captivating melodies. They are: Spooks (voice), Dunsy (guitars), Gash (bass) and The Mothership is Machine. In the Bio of their web site, you can find a very accurate description of their sound: “It's a mash-up of latter-day Depeche Mode, a noisier Sisters, Dreamtime era Cult, and a bit of Killing Joke. With some raucous guitars. And a pop song sensibility. The song is King after all.” - “Tuan’s day” opens this album with wonderful vibe and great energy; which is generated by the combination of guitars and shynts, in the choruses. The verse is very fluent with great cadence. “My sanity” starts with electronic sound at the max, and then the melody bursts with captivating vitality. After the electronic beginning, I had the feel of being listening to The Psychedelic Furs! This one fills your head with great music, and fills your soul with joy at the same time. “MV” has a celestial intro with shynts, followed by the Gothic Rock with energetic guitars, combined with the finest 80’s Rock sound. Sounds really great! “Sentimental” has a very quiet guitar sound at the beginning; and it remains in the background, while the entire band displays some overwhelming energy, following the lead of the strong rhythm. In “Believe” the emotion equals to the beauty of its melody. This is another pleasant experience. “Beautiful and brave” is slow-tempo with a really fine guitar work and atmosphere. “Colours” gives balance to this album with their sound more oriented to the 80’s rock. “Who died to make you king” continues with that 80’s mood, and sounds really good. “Tyrants” takes us back to their very unique interpretation of the Gothic Rock sound.”Submission” is quite a combination: Electronic sound, Gothic Rock with loud guitars, and 80’sRock. I’m glad that they have chosen a song like this to finish the album, instead of something very dense or extremely quiet. The music of this trio has great quality, and has a pretty straight approach to the Gothic sound of this New Millennium. And this is simply revitalizing. This is such a fine record with the talented Stephen Carey (The Eden House, Adoration) in charge of the production: Quality Seal.

Daniel Olvera