Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reactive - Black A New Dawn… (2010)

Reactive Black
A New Dawn…

Reactive Black is back with their distinctive sound; mixing melodic and catchy Gothic Rock with Heavy guitars, in such a unique way. This time they have the support of a record label (and I’m glad about that) I have to mention the collaboration of Saskia with label - mate Mike York; in the recent album of Kalt: “Der Sturm”, and their participation in the latest and impressive album of Place4tears: “Whales don’t cry for suicide”. They have a well defined and consolidated style. This time they have maintained the quality of the previous release, and they have added some new elements to their sound. Their songs are well balanced, and they have managed to create a homogeneous mixture in this album. Once more they are in charge of the production; and they have made a video clip for “Doom” (their first one) definitely, Reactive Black has returned with renewed strength. “It’s time again” have catchy melody, and it is a well constructed song. It could work really great as a single, and has great balance. “Proud” starts the fire with those razor-sharp and heavy riffs; which are accompanied with some industrialized rhythm, and the unique voice of Saskia. They did a good combination of different musical styles here.”Only in my dreams” comes mid-tempo, but solid as a concrete wall; it has a striking combination of Dark Gothic sound, with some touch of Electronic ambient. The voice sounds loud and clear, and this song has some great guitar work. Almost the same description applies to “Darken”, but this one has some industrial influences combined with 80’s Rock. “Thoughts” goes light speed, with vertiginous rhythm, and powerful riffs at the beginning; later it transforms into a mind-blowing hybrid sound. “Lost” sounds loud and melodic at the same time; it has great energy and melodic choruses. Another potential single, along with “It’s time again”. “Taste of Paradise” is introduced by some electronic and tribal-like rhythms; when the guitar bursts, this track elevates and is an outbreak of Dark energy. This one is really powerful and captivating. “Feel the fire” is catchy and melodic Gothic Rock; it’s like their vision of 90’s sound, and it’s really good. “We don’t die” has great influence of 90’s Goth too; this one is captivating with a rich sound, using guitars and keyboards. The result is a great combination.”Fading away” is almost an experimental track, totally atmospheric. Instead of singing, Saskia recites a text about to follow your own path. It’s really interesting. “Doom” is like a Gothic ballad, a sad one. The song has strong feelings and melancholic vibe. It’s a good way to close this album. Definitely, Reactive Black has passion and dedication when doing their entire musical labor. As I said before; they have a unique style and this is another great work, every song is a unique proposal with a very enjoyable sound. This is one of a kind band and they are doing exciting music with high quality. 

Daniel Olvera