Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Place4Tears - The Silent Flame (2009)

The Silent Flame

“Music based on (and recorded for) life, love, fear, death and loneliness”….
Actually this is the description included in this album; this is how they describe their music. I just can say that this is really wonderful; they have a wide vision of the Dark Music and also, they have enormous talent to explore its different sounds and give us a unique interpretation. They move in the grounds of Gothic, Dark Wave, Ethereal, Shoe Gaze, and even Dark Ambient. Their interpretation of these styles comes with sobriety, passion and inspiration. This band has their origins in the90’s; and they have captured the essence of the Dark Music from that great era, in such an amazing way. In the mid-90’s Tyves Oben and Schuchy Gonzales decided to form a band. Later, it developed into Place4Tears. In this album Place4Tears are a five piece band: Tyves (Guitar, bass, shynts, programming, and vocals), Schuchy (Guitars, backing voice), Sabine (Vocals, backing voice), Julia (Vocals, backing voice), and Lars (drums and percussion)”My private end” begins with all of the atmosphere of Dark-ambient; and later it transforms into an instrumental tune, which is close to the sound of the Death Rock from the New Millennium.”Riding the waves home” is a beautiful and relaxing song, a fine piece of Dark Wave- Ethereal. “The call of the mermaid” is another beautiful song with strong romantic feeling, it takes you to another place; it is so captivating.”Keep me back” has electric and acoustic sound, and comes with great vitality and Neo classical influences. “Dream sequence (No doubt, you’re murdered)” is quite a dark spell; alternating melodic and romantic passages, with eerie dark moments. It depicts the moment of Death, and the transmigration to the realms of Beyond, to the eternal tranquility; represented with some tribal rhythm. “Lovestick (lost wishes)” returns to the Ethereal romanticism. “Yearing”; is a highly-refined Gothic Rock with acoustic sound, very remarkable. “Who knows” is like some gloomy lullaby, and it is hypnotic.”Be a Queen (Where’s the cold in your eyes) is quite dark and immersive, it will capture you, and it will take you to the Dark Ambient passage at the end of the song. In total opposition; “The sun might come out” is beautiful and radiant; and it makes you think in bands like Cocteau Twins, with those dream-like melody, and female voice.”Illusion” has a wonderful dark Wave-Post Punk style. Once again, the bands from the legendary 4AD came to my mind with this song. “Yesterday’s gone” is sublime, with acoustic sound, romance and is passionate. “Be mine (Servus Cerberus)” is very relaxing and enjoyable. “Septembers breathe” has intensity and have dramatic feel.”Princess Valium” is a dark trip, very introspective, and captivating. “Tears of Avalon” is simply superb, is an example of the finest Ethereal-Dark Wave sound.  “September breath (Ashley Dayour mix)” closes this record with Atmospheric –Dark Ambient sound. This is a fascinating release; they have combined all of the sounds of the 90’s dark music with great talent. This one have captivating music and mesmerizing atmospheres.

Daniel Olvera