Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Partly Faithful - Lazarus Under Glass (2013)

Partly Faithful
Lazarus Under Glass
Danse Macabre

Partly Faithful has managed to combine different elements of Post Punk and Gothic Rock, doing a very electric and refreshing guitar-oriented sound. They have made something really different. This has unique sound and a very special energy, and their own personality. The album has a great start with “Amen”: it has energetic melody and rhythm. The chorus has a crescendo and it explodes frenetically. “Underset” has a similar start; with a combination of melody and strong rhythm. This one has great choruses and it could be the perfect single for this record, because it has all of the elements which define the sound of Partly Faithful.”Hatchet” is overwhelming energy and crushing rhythm.”Collapsing” has good changes, combining different degrees of intensity; accelerating the rhythm at the end of this Rock-oriented tune. “Big bang medicine” is simply storming and pure energy. With “Stop” they go light speed; with great rhythm and driving bass lines, the guitar literally explodes, accompanying to the voice in a climatic moment.”Wasting ground” is down-tempo with density, and it’s quite surrounding.”Obsession” combines rhythmic passages and dominant bass lines, with incendiary guitar sound.”Skin” is quite captivating with its seductive rhythm, combined with the intensity of the sound of Partly Faithful. “Scribbles “and “We are insect” are quite energetic and have straight sound.”Lazarus under glass” is atmospheric and emotive, with some introspective feel. This track is very deep and involving. This is a very interesting release, a very promising band with different textures in their music and they are very talented. Their sound is hard to describe, but it is 100 times easier to enjoy. And their songs have great variety: From electrifying guitar-oriented tracks with energetic rhythm; to deep-atmospheric dark tunes. Spot light on this band, they have other interesting and enjoyable releases.

Daniel Olvera