Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cristine Plays Viola - Leocadia - Single (2013)

Cristine Plays Viola

This is a new EP from Christine Plays Viola, with some new songs from this talented and unique band from Italy. They are in constant evolution, and they are offering something different to their previous work. This can surprise you, even if you have listened to their previous works; the excellent album “Innocent Awareness” and their previous E.P.’s. In case that you don’t know about them; I can tell you that they are very innovative, and refreshing, and their music is really transcendental. The fundament of their sound is Gothic Rock, combined with Post Punk, and Dark Wave; their innovative and creative spirit sometimes reaches experimental textures. They are Visionary as artists. “Leocadia” is the opening track; and the one that gives name to this new production. The beginning of this track is indeed an introduction with strong rhythm; some moments later, it transforms into a fine Post Punk –Gothic piece, with the distinctive sound of this band, and it is exquisite. This song is really a shape shifter; it transforms itself over and over, with notorious progressive influences and it’s quite a delight.”Whooshing dissolution” creates a very unique atmosphere with Ambient- Music passages, and it changes totally when the redoubling rhythm enters, leading to an energetic explosion. This track is very interesting and different.”Scattered in the dust (Slay with dismay)” is energetic Gothic Post Punk with their unmistakable style; this one is very fluent and it has strength, and driving rhythm. “Keep my scorn warm” is a climactic moment in this release, with vertiginous rhythm and power. This one has very interesting transitions. Definitely, after listen to this one you will want to listen more of their new songs. They keep surprising and delighting at the same time; and this is a good preamble for a full length album, and this is very promising. Until then, we can enjoy this release which has great quality.

Daniel Olvera