Monday, April 8, 2013

Mystigma - Andagony (2010)


Mystigma is a very experienced and talented band from Germany; their sound is a very attractive combination of fluent Electro-Dark energy, rocking Heavy guitars, and the elegance of Gothic Rock. This band was formerly known as Tears Of Mystigma and they have a very solid career. Mystigma has managed to bring the best of 90’s underground to the new millennium, with class and a renewed energy. This album called “Andagony” Is Gothic Rock with capital R, very guitar oriented.They have poured their talent and experience to create this record. What I like about this album is the fact that this is very well balanced; they have combined different musical styles in such a great way. And this is very consistent from the beginning to the end, the quality and their intensity never decreases. The album production by Vincent Sorg, is impeccable and with vision; and the result is a remarkable work.

The first seconds of “Quicksand” makes you think in some Electro-Dark song, but suddenly the guitars break with that initial mood; and take us to the musical experience of Mystigma in a pretty straight way. This initial track defines the very well balanced sound of the band.”Antagonist of fear” has very rocking guitars combined with Electro-Dark passages, this song has great rhythm and it’s very catchy.”Vision incomplete” is pretty well balanced, it’s between Electro and Gothic Rock, very melodic; with all the feel of the late 90’s combining the best sounds of that time. “No God knows” is another well constructed and balanced track, it has pounding rhythm, heavy guitars, and the keyboards are giving here some touch of elegance, and it has a good dose of synthesized sounds.”Close to you” is more guitar-oriented; hard Gothic Rock with Metal nuances, and a good use of keyboards. “Never seen before” is a contrast regarding to the previous track; it has more synths and is closer to the Dark-Electro Gothic sound. The loud guitars are doing emphasis with intensity in the chorus, pretty melodic track.”Irony of fate” is another perfect example of the sound of Mystigma, and is a natural single: very catchy and well crafted. “You’re not real” is fine Gothic Rock with great guitars.”Until it ends” is one of my personal favorite tracks here, it’s all about the sound of Mystigma: Gothic Rock with impressive guitar work, great melody, good rhythmic transitions, and sublime Electro-sound passages. This is an Ace track.”I don’t need you” has a dominant Electro-sound, and it’s well combined with the Rocking guitars, and the choruses which are Dark Wave style. “I steal your light” delivers an assault of hard Gothic, and Electro, they did a great combination of styles; Mystigma displays their entire sonic arsenal in this one.”Worlds collide” has pretty heavy guitars in the verse, and it has some very melodic choruses with great rhythm. This one has a dreamlike guitar passage towards the end of the song, and it’s another example of their very rich sound.”In deine hand” is “Until it ends” with lyrics in German, is really good to listen again one of the best tracks of this album. Mystigma is a very talented band and this album is such a great contribution to the scene of the new millennium, because it’s quite good and it has lots of quality.

Daniel Olvera