Monday, April 8, 2013

Denight - Human Reflections (2011)

Human Reflections

Denight is doing Gothic Rock with heavy guitars and it is in the finest tradition of  bands like Love Like Blood, Dreadful Shadows, and Umbra Et Imago. Their Execution and interpretation of this music style is flawless, and the musical arrangements have sobriety. This is very loyal to the tradition of Gothic bands from the 90’s, but revitalized with new strength. Their sound has a very assertive use of keyboards; this gives a touch of elegance and dramatic feel to the music of this six-piece band. In the first track; I listened to their very well constructed harmonies, fast rhythm, loud guitars, some guttural yelling: “Whyyy!” and I thought that this could be the perfect definition of Gothic Metal. But with a more detailed listening, I felt that the scale is more inclined to the school of the great German Gothic Rock bands of the 90’s. And the style of Denight is defined by their majestic musical structures; which are executed with strength and passion. This is their second album; the previous one is called “Above and Beyond ".The opening track “Unreal” has some delicate passage with keyboards, some seconds later the sound of the guitar breaks; and the band creates a musical structure of the finest sonic architecture, based in a quite solid and strong rhythmic section, and the keyboards are accompanied by the heavy guitars contrasting their sounds. The voice is deep, expressive, passionate and quite unique. 

“The Flame” starts down-tempo, but it has strength and emotion; then the entire band creates a vertiginous harmony with some leading keyboards. This song has great transitions from the beginning to the end.”Human reflections” is pretty melodic, and it has great energy; and some well done chorus.”Questions” is a fine piece of Gothic Rock with great sense of the melody; the track is pretty well constructed and it has passion.”The core” is down-tempo track of romantic feel, is the calmer song in this record, but is quite surrounding.”Brainwash” has good guitar riffs and it is very introspective.”Self ware” is an impressive Gothic ballad with lots of emotion and strong feeling. “Psycho ways” sounds very melodic and has a rich variety of guitar sounds and it has good changes. “White light” is mid-tempo and has a very rich mixture of sounds; from synths to keyboards, and some heavy and acoustic guitar sounds. It’s another passionate track with good transitions. In “Sorry” they created another Gothic ballad, and it is pretty well made. Denight is a really good revelation in the Gothic Rock scene; their mixture of musical styles is pretty well made and quite assertive, and the strong harmonies of their music are irresistible. 

Daniel Olvera